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OFW with stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease is humbly knocking our hearts for financial support

We have a fellow OFW who is now knocking our hearts and humbly asking financial assistance due to his illness and also our deep prayers for his fast recovery.

Mr. John Marvin Quizon 36 years old and currently working in Hiwin Technology Corporation at Yunlin, Taiwan branch. And lately, he has been diagnosed with Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease. And now undergoing a thrice a week dialysis in Taiwan.

This coming January 2020 he is scheduled for a kidney transplant and He was lucky because his two relatives will come to Taiwan and will donate the organ. But in order to do the operation, they will be needing a huge amount of money because the two donors are not covered by the National Health Insurance of Taiwan.

According to him, the estimated amount they need will be ranging to NT$300,000. So he is now knocking our hearts for any kind of amount is a big help to them. We can also buy shirts as a sign of our charity. The shirt is NT$300

"I want to leave a normal life again, I have 2 daughters, I want to see her until they grow. Please help me Sir/Ma'am." - John Marvin Quiozon

For more information and to order T-shirt kindly click the link below.



Number of applicants to Hong Kong decreases due to unending protest in the island

According to recruiter agencies in the Philippines, as a result of anti-government protests by Hong Kong people, the number of domestic helper applicants who want to work in Hong Kong has dropped.

Sharp (Society of Hongkong Acredited) President Alfredo Palmiery said demand for Filipino Domestic Helper and its deployment to Hong Kong remained stable but noted that the number of applicants had decrease by five to ten percent due to the impact of the riots in the said country.

Welfare Attache Marivic Clarin says the protests are still affecting the Filipino DH's deployment in Hong Kong.  She added that demand for the Filipino DH has remained stable despite concerns over an economic downturn that has made in the protests.

Clarin also said the effect of reducing the number of applicants for DH was minimal.  Every day there are 150 registering for the PAOS (Post Arrival Orientation Seminar. She also said that workers who have lost their jobs in HK because their employers have left because of the protests, they do not need to return to the Philippines and they can stay in the country while looking for new employers and they don't pay anything.

Clarin also told workers they needed to go to the Immigration Department to get the ID522 form to set them for interview scheduled.

She added that if the worker has a contract it will be easy and  promptly notified by  POLO.


Northern Taiwan had recorded temperature dropped to 8.6 degrees Celsius

   Taipei-Taiwan (December 09, 2019) - Yesterday due to air continental air mass, the temperature in Northern Taiwan dropped to 8.6 degrees Celsius that was set a new low record for flat areas for this winter.

   According to Central Weather Bureau, the lowest temperature was recorded yesterday morning in Taoyuan's Daxi District about 6.8 degrees Celsius while they recorded 9.8 degrees Celsius in Taipei's Daan and Wenshan Districts.

   The lowest temperature was recorded in Pingtung, Kaohsiung and Taitung Counties about 14 to 16 degrees Celsius. 11 and 13 degrees celsius was recorded all over the country except in South and Southeast.

 Yesterday early Sunday, in Matsu and Kinmen the mercury dropped to 10 degrees Celsius. At daytime in Northern Taiwan, the temperature will back to 18-19 degrees Celsius while in Taitung and Hualian will be 21 degrees and in Central and Southern Taiwan the temperature had range from 23-24 degrees.

 The Bureau said the temperature in a flat area in Monday morning will range from 10-15 degrees but the cold air will start at noontime.


Hong Kong Government to pay legal expenses over a OFW that had been arrested in a protest

A judge in Kowloon City granted an application for legal costs filed by an OFW who was one of the arrested protesters against the government in August in Mong Kok but later cleared any charges.

The said OFW is Jethro Pioquinto, 36 years old and a dancer at Hong Kong Disneyland.  Pioquinto's application allowed Kowloon City Acting Principal Magistrate Ada Yim to get all his legal expenses.

According to Judge Yim, she granted Pioquinto's application because she found nothing wrong with it and it was a bit far from the starting point of the protesters.

Judge Yim added that the police is knowing the Pioquinto's residence and it was located in Mong Kok, so they arrested him.  But after being arrested, he spoke and explained to the police why he was at the scene of the protest.

Pioquinto arrived in Hong Kong in 2008 to work at Disneyland.  He was arrested on August 3 at 11:15 pm as police detained protesters against the government at the Junction of Fife Street on Nathan Road in Mong Kok.
As police charged, Pioquinto escape but he was also apprehended by an anti-riot policeman.

When he was arrested by the police, he was forced to explain here from the start that he was returning home.  Police later charged Piaquinto with breaking the law at the Kowloon City Magistrates Courts but on Nov.  26, the government closed the case because there was insufficient evidence.

Piaquinto has now filed an application for costs.  According to his lawyer barrister Fiona Nam, the OFW is seeking more than $ 30,000 or nearly P200,000 for his legal expenses.

Judge Yim told the court that an assessment would be made on whether the government would approve the requested amount submitted by Pioquinto's camp.


Taiwan's weather will remain cold and freezing for more coming days

Taipei, Taiwan (December 8, 2019) - Our weather forecast. Cold and Freezing temperature will remain constant for more coming days as the northern easterly and south monsoon gain more strength.

During daytime the Northern part of the country will experience 11 to 19 degrees Celsius. While the Central Area will experience 12 to 23 degrees Celcius.

For Easten part of the country during daytime will experience 12 to 21 degrees Celcius. While the Southern part of the country will experience 13 to 24 degrees Celcius.

Meanwhile, the outlying islands of the country will experience 9 to 19 degrees Celcius during daytime.

During night time, the northern part of the country's temperature will fall to 11 to 17 degrees Celcius. And for the Central Area 11 to 17 degrees Celcius the same with the north. While southern part of the country will fall to 14 to degrees Celcius.

Outlying Islands during night time will experience 12 to 17 degrees.

There is a 20 percent of chance to rain today but tomorrow there will 50 percent of chance to rain.

All mountains over 3,000 meters will remain freezing like Xueshan mountain which remain -13 degrees Celcius and Yushan mountain will remain -9 degrees Celcius. According to CWB data.

Benepisyo ng Malunggay sa ating Katawan

Ang Malunggay (moringa) ay kinilala na "king of superfoods"dahil taglay nitong natural na sangkap na nakapagbibigay ng sobra-sobrang benepisyo sa ating kalusugan ng higit pa sa nakukuha natin sa ibang prutas at gulay. Ito ay nakapagbibigay ng sapat na lakas, sigla, nagkokontrol sa cholesterol level at nakakatulong upang makaiwas sa pagkakaroon ng kanser at iba pang sakit.

Maraming magandang  benepisyo ang Malunggay sa ating kalusugan tulad ng:
*Calcium - ang dahon ng Malunggay ay mayaman sa calcium na pampatibay ng buto at panlaban sa osteoporosis. Ang malunggay ay kayang magbigay ng apat na beses na lakas ng calcium na makukuha sa gatas ng baka.
*Iron - nakakatulong sa mga anemic o kulang sa dugo.
*Vitamin C - ang dahon ng malunggay ay pitong beses ang kayang ibigay na vitamin C sa katawan ng tao kumpara sa nakukuha natin sa pagkain ng orange.
*Vitamin A - ito at nagbibigay ng vitamin A apat na beses ang lakas kumpara sa kayang ibigay ng carrots.
*Potassium - ito ay kayang magbigay ang malunggay ng tatlong beses na potassium na nakukuha sa saging.

Ang Malunggay ay mabisa din sa paggamot ng mga ilang karamdaman natin sa ating katawan tulad ng:
*Panlaban sa Stress - ang Malunggay ay mayaman sa protien, potassium, vitamin A&C na kilalang antioxidants.
*Gamot sa Sugat - durugin ang dahon ng Malunggay at lagyan ng konting tubig bago painitin. Itapal ang paste sa sugat.
*Lunas sa Constipation - magpakulo ng 2 baso ng dahon ng Malunggay at inumin ang sabaw. Gawin ito sa gabi at tiyak na ilalabas mo ang dumi kinabukasan.
*Pambagal sa pag edad ng katawan - dahil sa likas na antioxidants nito, nalalabanan ang mabilis na pagtanda.
*Anti-Canser - ang malunggay ay may natural na substance na nagpapalakas sa resistensiya ng katawan upang malabanan ang kanser.
*Panlaban sa sakit sa Puso at Stroke - dahil nakokontrol ng isothiocyanates ang blood pressure at blood sugar, nababawasan nito ang panganib ng pagkakaroon ng sakit sa Puso at stroke.
*Nakakatulong magbalanse ng blood sugar - ang dahon ng malunggay ay mayaman sa flavanoids tulad ng quercetin na nakakatulong sa paggawa ng histamine at chlorogenic acid na parehong nagreresulta sa pagbalanse ng blood sugar.

Ang Malunggay ay pinakamabisang pampalakas ng gatas ng nagpapasuso na nanay, ang gagawin mo lang ay ugaliing maglagay ng dahon ng Malunggay sa ulam araw-araw. Pwede rin itong pakuluan at inumin upang madagdagan ang iyong gatas. Ang sustansiya nito ay makakatulong sa sanggol sa loob ng sinapupunan.

Foods that can help fight the ailments of the body

To prevent chronic illness, there are many ways to do so.  You can have a healthy and peaceful lifestyle by strengthening our immune system and to fight over fatigue. It is also recommended to eat all nutritious foods to avoid any disease. And the recovery for the people affected.

All the foods we eat have the most impact on our health.  It can strengthen or weaken the body depending on the foods we eat.  If we want to strengthen our body and immune system in certain conditions of our health, there are foods that can help and are as follows:

BEETS - it helps to have a better brain.  In studies, it has been shown to be of great benefit to brain development.  Beets contain nitrates that help to increase blood flow throughout the body and stimulate cognitive function and possibly reduce the risk of developing vascular dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

MUSHROOMS - This can promote health.  Mushrooms, especially Shiitake Mushrooms have been found to be able to fight cancer by strengthening the immune system through the compound lentinan which is believed to slow down tumor growth.  Mushroom also helps in the treatment of stomach pain and colorectal cancer.

TEA - Drinking tea is a great help for our immune system to fight against any infection and cancer.  According to experts, it contains alkylamine antigens and chemicals that sensitize certain parasites, bacteria, and tumor cells.  By drinking tea our bodies are absorbed with these chemicals and thus form a defense against infections.

GINGER - For years, the use or drinking of ginger has helped to digest and calm the tissues in our stomach.  It has the potential to reduce nausea especially Postoperative Nausea and vomiting.

ONIONS - Researchers have found that there is an important link between high intake of dietary flavonoids and the reduction of lung cancer risk.  Flavonoids are the polyphenolic compounds that present foods rich in Onions.  Onions have powerful antioxidants to withstand the great resistance to free radicals that are thought to be involved in Tumor promotion and DNA damage.  You can also use it in food dishes like soups and much more.

ASPARAGUS - It contains asparagine which is a natural diuretic that helps our body to flush out the excess salts and fluids that make it useful for individuals to have edemas that cause high blood pressure.  In addition, it is rich in potassium which helps to lower blood pressure by relaxing the walls of blood vessels and excreting excess salt through urine.

PAPAYA -  it helps people with Arthritis.  Arthritis can cause joint pain, swelling, and the result in lasting damage to the joints.  Papaya contains high amounts of vitamin C which helps in various types of arthritis.

MUSTARD - It provides high amounts of phosphorus and manganese which require strong bones and teeth.  In addition, the selenium that is prescribed for these foods can help protect our body from heart disease and cancer, while magnesium also helps lower blood sugar, blood pressure, and inflammation.


7 Benepisyo ng Pagkain ng Langka

Ang langka ay isang prutas na kilala sa Pilipinas dahil sa lasa at mabangong amoy nito. Karaniwang iniluluto na minatamis o ginataan. Ang prutas na ito ay mayaman sa bitamina, minerals, at anti-oxidant na maganda para sa ating katawan. Ang langka ay hindi Lang masarap, ito rin ay isang halamang gamot na panlaban sa iba't-ibang karamdaman at nakakapagbigay ng maraming benepisyo sa ating katawan.

Mga benepisyo ng langka sa ating kalusugan:
1.)Tumutulong para makaiwas sa Anemia. Mataas sa iron ang langka, nakakatulong ito upang maka iwas sa anemia at pagpapaganda ng daloy sa katawan.
2.)Proteksyon sa Mata. Ang langka ay mayroong vitamin A na isang nutrient na kailangan ng ating mata. Nakakatulong din itong iimprove ang ating paningin at protektahan ang Mata sa mga free radicals.
3.) Nagbibigay proteksyon sa Colon. Dahil sa taglay nito na anti-oxidant properties, kaya nitong bigyan ang proteksyon ang colon o bituka. Ito rin ay punong-puno ng fibers na kayang linisin ang ating bituka upang tayo ay makadumi ng maayos.
4.)Nagkokontrol Ng heart rate o blood pressure. Kung tayo ay may problema sa puso, nakakatulong ang pagkain ng langka na ikontrol ang ating heart rate at iregular ang presyon sa normal dahil sa taglay nitong potassium.
5.)Pinapalakas ang Immune System. Mataas ang taglay ng anti-oxidant properties at vitamin C ang langka na nakakatulong upang labanan ng katawan ang mga toxins sa ating sistema.
6.)Panlunas sa Constipation. Problema ang hirap sa pagdumi ay kumain ng langka dahil ito ay nakakatulong tunawin ang matigas na dumi o toxic waste sa loob ng katawan. Nakakatulong ito upang makadumi ng regular dahil sa taglay nitong fibers.
7.)Anti-aging Properties. Ang langka ay mayroong anti-aging properties na tumutulong pabagalin ang pagkasira ng mga cells na sanhi ng maagang pagtanda at pagkakaroon ng mga wrinkles sa balat.


The importance of indoor plants

 Many diseases can cause air pollution like asthma, heart disease, cough, pneumonia, and stroke. The other way to reduce air pollution is by having plants inside the house. There are so many benefits to our health of the house plant.

1. Plants are giving oxygen and removes carbon dioxide around the house. People need oxygen and release carbon dioxide.
2. Base in the study of NASA, house plants removes the toxin in our environment. This is the volatile organic compounds or VOCs from paint,  coating, and refrigerator. It reduces carbon monoxide from the car.
3. To prevent flu and cough. Plants are dust removal.
4. House plants are a natural humidifier. It increases the humidity in the air because the root of the plants absorbs water and will evaporate from the leaf. The higher the humidity the less get sick.
5. Indoor plants make us happy and positive in life.
6. It improves the concentration at work and reduces stress levels.
7. It helps to sleep well.
8. In the Philippines, the weather is hot, it can help to reduce heat inside the house.
9. Doc Willie said that it's better to choose big plants to be more effective. You can choose bamboo plants because it gives more oxygen than others.

A fire broke out in a Buddhist temple causing several apartment were burned in Taipei


 Taipei, Taiwan (December 7, 2019) - A fire started at a residential building in Taipei City, along  Zhongshan District in Linsen North Road. The fire fighters are still working on the area due to some apartment are still on fire. The police has evacuated more than 100 residents in the area.

  Based on the primary investigation of the police, the fire begins on the first floor of Buddhist Temple in the Erawan Shrine. They saw someone living at Erawan Shrine wearing a raincoat and safety helmet. In addition to their statement, it says that someone intended to drop the petroleum bomb to set a fire in the temple.
   They are now conducting further investigation to know the main causes of fire as reported EToday News Cloud.


Super cold weather and freezing mountains embraced the country of Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan (December 7, 2019)- Our country weather forecast. Northern,Central and Eastern part of the country will be experiencing more cooler weather due to strengthening of north easterly and Continental cold air.

In Northern Area, the places of Taipei, Taoyuan will experience to minimum of 13 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 16 degrees Celsius. While New Taipei, Hsinchu City, Hsinchu County and Mioali County will experience a minimum of 14 degrees Celcius and a maximum of 15 degrees Celcius. And also Keelung City will experience minimum of 15 degrees Celcius to a maximum of 16 degrees Celcius.

In Central Area, the places of Taichung City, Yunlin, Chiayi City will experience a minimum of 13 degrees Celcius to a maximum of 20 degrees Celcius. While Nantou, Changhua and Chiayi County will experience a minimum of 14 degrees to a maximum of 20 degrees Celcius.

In East Area, Yilan County to experience 14-15 degrees Celcius and Haulien County 17-20 degrees Celcius. While Taitung County will experience 18-21 degrees Celcius.

South Area, Tainan will experience 15- 20 degrees Celcius, Kaohsiung to experience 15-22 degrees Celcius and for Pingtung County, they will experience 14-23 degrees Celcius.

Other outlaying Islands in the country will experience a minimum of 11 degrees Celcius to a maximum of 19 degrees Celcius.

There is 90 percent of chance to rain Northern and 40 percent Eastern part of the country. And the rest will experience a cloudy weather

High mountains over 3,000 meters high will be covered by thick snow. Xueshan mountain will experience -11 to -14 degrees Celsius. While Yushan mountain will experience -5 to -10 degrees Celcius.

Pinoy Surfer Athlete became a Hero in SEA Game after saving his competitor in the game

Philippines - Yesterday December 6, 2019, viral on social media made an athlete help his opponent in the surfing competition at the SEA Game.

Surf hero Roger Casugay is now considered the hero of surfing in the SEA Game not because he won a gold medal or broke a certain game record, but because for rescuing him to a surfing colleague and opponent.

Casugay was the highest point in the game and should have been the lead, but it stopped and allowed the other opponents to advance because he had better to save his fellow Indonesian surfer Arhip Nurhidayat from drowning.

As many have witnessed the incident, as the surfers were competing in the surfing game at the SEA Games, the Indonesian surfer board suddenly slipped off the waves.  They thank Casugay for being there to rescue the opponent from the crashing waves.  After being rescued, the two surfers shared a single surfboard and returned to the beach for safety.

The two surfers uploaded their return and Indonesian surfer Arhip held Roger's hand and said Roger was the champion.  In the meantime, the event was postponed first while waiting for further notice.

Now, in hosting the 2019 SEA Games, Surfing is the worst sport due to hurricane Kammuri.  The event was delayed three times due to bad weather with organizers announcing the safety of athletes and spectators more than anything else.


Plunging down -14 degrees Celsius bring snow to Xueshan mountain

Taipei Taiwan (Dec. 6, 2019)- Snow falls in Xueshan, the second highest peak in Taiwan as a seasonal northeasterly winds and a cloud system from the south that brings a luxuriant moisture to Taiwan. The current temperature is maximum of -8 degrees Celsius and a minimum of -14 degrees Celsius.

According to the management office of Shei-Pa National Park, the Sleet began to fall about 1:48 a.m. in the mountain with 3,886-meter high before snowfall finally collapsed at around 9:00 am. This is the first snow that happen and  experience in Taiwan this winter.

Meanwhile, the Central Weather Bureau is forecasting a cold and rainy weather that continues into northern and northeast Taiwan today Friday with daytime temperatures of 16-17 degrees Celsius.

According to the CWB, the daytime temperatures experienced in southern areas as well as in Haulien and Taitung in the east are expected to reach 20 degrees Celsius.

The bureau added that a continental cold air mass is expected to hit Taiwan by Friday night and could potentially push its mercury into northern and northeastern areas up to 12 degrees Celsius.


A woman in Taiwan went inside the claw machine to steal two big dolls

Taipei Taiwan (December 6, 2019) - A woman who is so addict in claw machine "wawa" had went inside the machine and stole two big dolls. At around 3:00 am in Xinbei Mie Doll Machne Shop

According to the owner, upon reviewing the CCTV. The suspect whose surnamed was Li, a 22 years old had made a surveyed to the shop several times, and then returned again. Upon seeing that no one was around, she immediately went on the doll claw machine to stole two big pieces of items. And because so slim, she immediately take the color pink stitch and minnie.

According to manager of the shop, may be she had spent much on the claw machine and got nothing so she decided to steal. But she has to face the consequence according to the manager.

A forklift driver was dead on the spot after it fell to the ground and had been pressed

Hualien, Taiwan (December 6, 2019)- A forklift operator was dead on the spot after a forklift he drove had accidentally fallen to the ground due to the ramp has slipped while going up on the truck.

In Hualien Fruit and Vegetable Market, past eight o clock in the evening while the Father and son are preparing their forklift to put in the truck. Both of them went down first to check. And then the son went on to handle truck while his father drove the forklift and get on the ramp. The 5 tonners forklift was almost on the top of the truck when suddenly the right ramp had slipped causing the forklift to out of balance and fell to the ground.

Right there and then the son went out of the truck after he heard the commotion. He was shocked to see his father had been pressed by a 5 tonner forklift causing him to die on the spot.

They immediately seek rescue and even tried to give CPR, hoping to revive his father but unfortunately was declared dead on arrival


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