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How to start your Mushroom Business?

There is a businessman who lost his entire business during a typhoon but instead of giving up what he had, the entrepreneur still continues what is left. During rainy season he saw a mushroom it is white and beautiful. After that, he studies the mushroom if what kind it is and how does it grow. He plants and harvests the mushrooms. The mushroom is considered as a delicacy in the Philippines and other Asian Country and it is profitable. Many Filipino doesn't know mushroom farming due to lack of knowledge.
If you are interested to start mushroom farming you must read this.

° Hammer
° Nails
° Carpenter Saw
° Supply of water
° Sugar supply
° Packaging
° Tank of gasoline
° Plastic Sheet
° Banana Leaves
° Leaves
° Mushroom Spawn (starter)
° Bedding (wood)
° Ammonium Sulfate
° Weighing scale

This tools above are needed for planting mushroom. You can buy them in stores.

You don't need a big land to plant mushrooms, bigger land size is only suitable if you intended to have a big farm in the future.

It only cost 10,000 pesos to start mushroom farming it includes 2 laborer wage and the expenses for transportation. You can have much return than it cost for only a month, however, you will need a proper study to understand the nature of your business.

In planting mushroom it is very important the place. Take note that mushroom needs different location according to its type. You also need to consider the type of mushroom that is fit for your capital.

You need to get a spawn for your mushroom. Making a spawn from your own is the cheapest option you have than buying in the market.

It is where the mushroom is being cultivated. Take caring of the substrate by the use of water treatment(hot), compost fermentation, steam pasteurization, and the chemical sterilization.

All you need is proper temperature, light for insects not to come close, diseases and etc. The fresh harvested must store in 0-5 celsius good for 2 weeks and dried mushroom can last from 3 to 4 months.

Check your FDA for the guidelines of proper mushroom farming. Also register your business in Barangay, BIR and Business Permit.


How to franchise Pares House Foodcart?

There is a newly developed food cart by My franchise that is called Pares House. It offers quick-served service Pares in a bowl that is available at the malls. It has the same taste as Pinoy pares we loved. They served tender beef brisket with our traditional Pinoy pares seasoning. It can be served with mami or fried rice. And also it good to partner with Chinese siomai to fully experience the Pinoy pares mami.

The company behind My franchise is Creative Food Inc. They have been 10 years in the industry. Creative Food Inc is operating a fast-food chain and well-known company. They develop their own concept and introduce it to the market. Now they are open for franchising. Their brand can be seen now in all malls over the country.

To be one of the top company in the Philippines that offers quality products but a very affordable price to consumers and has a big return to the investors.

Guide new entrepreneurs to gain more profits and help them achieve their success.

° 250, 000 for Franchising Fee
°3,000 for Continuation Fee

° Mall Type Cart (Standard)
° Utensils and Equipment
° Use of Trade Name
° Approval of the site
° Training
° Procurement Program
° Marketing Assistance
° Opening Day Support
° Research and Development
° Initial Inventory worth 5,000

The term of franchising Pares House is good for 3 years.

Creative Foods Inc.
Unit 210 Verawood, Magnolia Place
Tandang Sora Ave., Quezon City, Philippines
Contact Person:
Paolo Dante.
Villarosa, Marketing Manager
Mobile no. (0916)313-4211

For inquiry please fill up the form in the link below.


How to franchise Siomai House?

Filipinos loved Siomai for a snack and it been a decade now. So, if you are interested to start a business? Siomai House is one of those options you have.

The company behind Siomai House is BERNABEST FOOD PRODUCTS. They offer steamed pork and shrimp siomai with banana cum with pandan flavored and the sauce is chili-garlic or toyomansi.

300,000 to 400,000 for franchising fee and it is not refundable. The term condition will last for 3 years upon signing and can be renewed for paying 50,000 per year.

° Basic Design of Siomai House Booth
° Steamer and Freezer
° Beverage Dispenser
° Advertising Signages
° Set of two Siomai House Uniform
° 3 times a week free delivery
° Other provisions for the business

° Letter of Intent with your proposed location for the BERNABEST FOOD PRODUCTS INC to evaluate and approve. Reminder they do not approve the franchise to open inside the SM malls.
° If the application is approved you will sign the contract and pay the franchising fee.
° They will conduct three days of training for selling, sales reporting, inventory control, food preparation, and equipment maintenance.
° After that, you can now open your franchise store.

118 Arellano St., Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City, Philippines
Telephone no. (02)363-0226/(02)447-6523
Fax no. (02)362-1902


How to franchise Milk Tea store?

Most people nowadays love drinks and milk tea is one of them because of its delicious and healthy. This kind of drinks is very trendy now for millennials. So, if you what to start a milk tea business read all the information below.

I LOVE MILK TEA is one of the most fast growing business now. It offers high quality and fresh tea drinks at an affordable price. It has over 27 stores nationwide. Their main product is milk tea that comes from different varieties of flavor, toppings, and ingredients. The owner of I LOVE MILK TEA is Mrs. Letty Sarinas. In 2005, Main branch in Sucat Paranaque allows all branches to sell foods and snacks like pizza, nachos, pasta and etc. They also offer good service and customers have a "freedom wall" where they can write their feelings or ideas.

°Php 340,000 this is mall type cart.
°The package includes the use of a login name, operation manual and franchise contract (notarized). It has 3 years contract that can be renewed and there are no hidden charges.
° POS System for a faster and smooth transaction.
° 1 cart (mall type cart)
° Utensils and Equipment
° Training of staff
° Uniform
° Assistance in grand opening
° Pre and Post Opening Assistance
° Initial stocks worth 10,000

° Php 260,000
° use of logo name
° operation manual
° notarized contract good for 3 years and can be renewed (no hidden charges)
° I LOVE MILK TEA POS System (personalized)
° 1 cart (mall type)
° utensils and equipment
° training of staff
° uniform
° grand opening assistance
° pre and post opening assistance
° initial stock worth 10,000

Construction is not included in package #2 for Dine-in or counter type store. The franchisee can construct or ask the franchisor to construct the store but the cost depends on the size of the store. The benefits for being with I LOVE MILK TEA is comprehensive training, operational system, business plan, continuous support, and superior products.

431 Tandang Sora Avenue, Culiat, Quezon City, Philippines
Contact Person:
Mr. Billy Patajo
Telephone no. (02)454-0654


How to Franchise 7-Eleven Convenient store

Want to franchise 7- Eleven Convenient Store? Read this to know about the business and their guidelines.

About 7-Eleven Convenient Store
There is a company in Texas named  South Iceland Ice Company they are the creator of store concept that offers bread, eggs, and milk even after store scheduled hours. They change the company name to 7-Eleven in 1946 wherein the store schedule is 7 am to 11 pm. Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC) gain the license of 7-Eleven in the country 1982. 1998, they open the store for franchising. PCS partnered with a Taiwanese company in the year 2000. In 2010 Chevron Philippines (Caltex) remake their mini-mart to 7-Eleven stores. PCS starts its expansion in the Visayas Region in the year 2012. 7-Eleven store has 2,000 branches nationwide.

The Franchisee must fee 600,000 pesos upon the approval of his/her application.

The franchisee must also pay for :
° 170,000 pesos for initial store supplies
° 800,000 pesos for initial merchandise
° 2.03 million pesos for construction cost
° Advance  rent and deposit (this must be done before the opening of the store)

The estimated investment is from 3.5 million to 7 million pesos and it doesn't include the 12% vat yet.

° Logo and name
° The store construction
° Advance deposit and payment for rent
° Franchising fee
° Initial Merchandise
° Training
° Ongoing support
° Marketing
° Audit
° Maintenance of Equipment

The investment will return from 3.5 years to 4 years.

For more details about franchising the store, please contact:
Telephone no.
Mobile phone


How to Franchise Generika Drugstore

Are you interested in franchising Generika Drugstore? Read this article for more information.

It is established in 2003 to provide affordable medicine for Filipinos. It's a joint company of Teodoro and Rosalinda Ferrer family and the Alexandra and Julien Bello family. Their first office was an apartment type in Goodwill Village, Paranaque City. They hired pharmacist and other employees because their family does not have any background in medicine. May 2004, they open the first Generika Drugstore in Montellano, Muntinlupa. After opening 16 stores, decided to open the business for franchising in 2008.

They have 350 stores nationwide as of February 2013.

° Generic and Branded Medicines
° Consumer Goods
° Galenicals
° Medical supplies
° Prepaid Load
° Globe Banko
° Free consultation
° Mobile Laboratory Test
° Free Blood Pressure
° Glucose, Uric and Cholesterol Test

It depends on the size of the store.
° 150,000 - Standard Package
° 50,000 - Satellite Package
° 50,000 - Small Town Package
° 50,000 - Twin Store Package
° 150,000 - Conversion Store
° 30,000 - Mini Town Package

Franchise fee may range from 650,000 to 1,300,000.
The return of investment 1.2 to 2 years depends on location.

° Store Supplies
° Computer Package
° Security deposit
° Initial inventory
° Retail Expert - POS system
° Franchisee fee and developmental fund

Mr. Edwin T. Santos
( Business Development Administrative Supervisor)

DPI Bldg., 1st St. Cor 2nd St., Cervantes Compound, KM 17, West Service Road, Paranaque City

Telephone no.
+6328281818 loc. 161
Mobile no.

Email: customerservice@genrika.


How to Franchise Monterey Meatshop

Looking for a business that is good for all season? Selling meat is one of your best options because its in demand and Monterey Meatshop is the answer. Interested in franchising? Read more about this.

Monterey is owned by San Miguel Corporation (SMC). There is only 4 store in 1992 when they began the franchising. It started to grow because of the reason that we loved meat. At present, there are 400 stores nationwide.

° Fresh Pork and Beef Meat
° Selected Lamb Products
° Ready to cook meats
° Magnolia Chicken Station Products
° Purefoods Hotdogs
° Magnolia brown eggs
° Magnolia milk, cheese, butter, and  cooking oil
° Purefoods Selected Cold Cuts and Canned Goods
° Other selected products of San Miguel Corporation

Monterey is very dedicated to delivering fresh meats and they use the refrigerated truck to ensure the quality of their products. The Monterey employees will be trained in Monterey Meatshop School to assure they provide good quality for their consumers.

° Php 800,000 for the construction fee
° Php 1,900,000 for equipment and supplies
° Php 20,000 for Merchandising Materials

Franchisee also needs to buy Meat Inventory form Monterey. The price may vary from time to time.

If you start franchising you have to pay Royalty Fee 2 % and Advertising Fee of 1% monthly.

The estimated investment is from  3 Million to 3.5 Million pesos but it depends on the size of the store.

The requirements of Monterey meat shop measurement is 60 square meter floor area and at least 5 meters in frontage.

°  Assistant in Store Design
° Training of Management and Employee
° Monterey Signages
° Support for Operation and Marketing


° Letter of Intent with the proposed location to San Miguel Corporation.  If you own the site, submit the complete address with a sketch of the location.
° Accomplished and Submit Application Form
°  The site will be a survey and computation for site potential. The Monterey Management will approve a subject

° Make a presentation of your business plan and discuss it with the Franchisee Selection Panel
°If your application is approved, you will sign of a contract
° There is a planning and Implementation Activities for Development
° The Franchisee and the crew will attend the training in Monterey Meatshop School
° Organizing a branch for opening

The application process will last 45 days and the same with construction.

San Miguel Foods, Inc.
18F JMT Corporate Condominium
ADB, Avenue, Ortigas  Center, Pasig City

Telephone no. 702-5000/317-5000/317-5569
Mobile no. (0917) 841 5772
Mr. Paul Orlando A. Perez



How to Franchise Potato Corner

Want to start a new business that is in demand? Fries is one of those we loved and the best fries you can come up with is Potato Corner. It has low cost capital to start.

About Potato Corner
The idea of their fries comes from the flavored popcorn. The first Potato Corner cart was launched in 1992 by Cinco Corporation.

In 1993 they start the franchising and open 74 outlets just for one year. Now they have more than 800 branches local and global. Its offer different flavored of fries.

Potato Corner's fee depends on its package.

School Cart - 200,000
Standard Cart - 350,000
Kiosk - 200,000 - 500,000
Kiosk with roof and seating - 500,000 - 600,000
In-line store - 500,000 - 700,000
In-line store with seating - 800,000 - 1,200,000

Franchise Includes:
°Franchise fee
°Small wares and equipment
°Initial supplies
°Franchisee and Crew training

Interested for franchising?
Here are some guidelines.

° Needed documents to submit:
- Letter of Intent (the reason why you want to franchise and the desired location)
- Map or sketch of location
- Picture of your location
- Current resume
- 2 valid ID (government)

° The team of Potato Corner will be scheduled for meet up to have a site visit may be on the same day or another day of applying.
° You have to wait for the approval may be for a month to process. When your application is approved, the franchisee and the crew will be trained on how to make flavored fries to assure that it will be sold.

For those interested people to Franchise Potato Corner you can send your authorized person to talk with their team.

Please email to for pioneering in a new place.

For further information please contact franchise officer Ms. Ellaine Bautista
Telephone number (02) 534-5845/534-5846


How to franchise Bayad Center

We pay bills every month like electricity, Internet and etc. So, it's a very good idea to have a business like Bayad Center because it's more convenient for us.

Interested in franchising? Read more about this business.

About Bayad Center
Bayad Center was launched in May 1997 as pioneering in the Philippines in the industry of outsourced collection services or known as
''Payment Collection Services''.

2006 Bayad Center was known as '' CIS Bayad Center, Inc''. Later on, CBCI expanded nationwide by franchising. Now, Bayad Center is own by Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) and its part of Metro Pacific Investments (MPI) under the company of Manny Pangilinan.

Bayad Center is well-known in global outsourced payment collection, remittance, and acceptance of the application.

Main Services
° Payment of bills
° Remittance
° Business Service
° Eloading

Accepted payment of bills in Bayad Center
° Meralco
° Maynilad
° Smart Communication, Sun Cellular, and PLDT
° Globe Telecom
° Digitel, PhilTel, BayanTel, Subic Telecom, and PT&T
° Pag-ibig
° Social Security System (SSS)
° National Statistic Office (NSO/PSA)
° Land Transportation Office (LTO)
° Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airline & Air Asia
° Sky Cable, Cignal, Global Destiny & My CATV
° Philam Life, Manulife, Sunlife Financial, Prulife, CocoLife etc.
° Others

Franchising Fee
For term 5 years it cost 350,000 to have a Bayad Center. There are also investments that franchisee is required to pay 120,000 for equipment, site renovation 150,000, cash bond 600,000.

This franchising fee includes support from Head Office like constant feedback and marketing activities. Bayad Center Location required 15 square meters.

Investment Return
The franchisee earns fix amount per transaction. It takes 2 years to return the investment.

For more details email at
Telephone no. (02) 672-5700 loc. 5040
Mobile no. 0917-8363000


How to Franchise Goldilocks

Do you love cakes? I am sure you love this too. Most Filipinos really like this food so, if you are thinking a business that is something sweet well, this one is for you. In all occasions, there's always a cake on the menu and Goldilocks is one the most leading cake brand. Interested to start with this business? Read all the information to serve as your guide.

 About Goldilocks
In 1966 Goldilocks is started as a family business. It is intended to be a Filipino household name for cakes and bread. It becomes a small bakeshop in Pasong Tamo, Makati City and now its International brand for baked good and Filipino traditional dishes. At present, they have more than 500 stores worldwide 2/3 of these franchises.

Goldilocks offers bread, pastries, and pie, sweet, signature dishes, combo meals, cakes for all occasions, ready to eat Pinoy classic dishes and Pinoydeli.

They offer two types of a package for their franchisees.

° Bakeshop
    This requires Php 800,000 as a franchising fee and total investment of 6 Million to 8 Million Pesos. The size of the store is 40 square meters to 80 square meters.

° Full Store ( Bakeshop and Foodshop)
 The estimated investment is 13 - 15 Million Pesos including franchising fee of 1.2 Million Pesos. The measurement of the store should 170 square meters to 200 square meters.

The said investment cost may vary depends on the location, size, type of store and also the type of the market. The 12% Vat doesn't include in fees.

° Leasehold Improvements
° Project Management Fee
° Collateral
° Operating Equipment
° Refrigerated Delivery Truck
° Point of Sales and Hardware Packages (POS)

Goldilocks Go Delivery is available in the Metro Manila area and Rizal.

Free training will be conducted to the first batch of store hires the Director Manager, Management team and crew. The franchisee will be given Operation Manual to be updated as needed.
The company provides free assistance for the screening and testing for the pioneering team of the store.

Goldilocks term will last for 8 years and can be renewed.
Every month there is a Royalty fee of 4% total gross for Bakeshop while for 8% for the Full Store and also 3% for advertisement fee for all store will be settled.

For recruitment cost and succeeding, training will be the shoulder by the franchisee.

Interested for franchising must comply with the following:

° Letter of Intent, Initial marketing study to be addressed to  Franchisee Relation Manager and the proposed site.
°  Completed Franchise  Application Form
° Vicinity Map of site

Sent the requirements to GOLDILOCKS BAKESHOP INC.
Franchise Relations Department
439 Shaw Boulevard
Mandaluyong City, 1550

Application Processing Procedures
° Initial meeting with applicants to talk with the concept of franchising of Goldilocks
° First interview of applicants
° Background Check
° Evaluation of site
° Interviews with Vice President (if you have no problem in your application)
° Final Decision of Management

Lin Deres
Franchise Relation Manager
Email add:

Telephone no. (02) 5354357