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How to Franchise Goldilocks

Do you love cakes? I am sure you love this too. Most Filipinos really like this food so, if you are thinking a business that is something sweet well, this one is for you. In all occasions, there's always a cake on the menu and Goldilocks is one the most leading cake brand. Interested to start with this business? Read all the information to serve as your guide.

 About Goldilocks
In 1966 Goldilocks is started as a family business. It is intended to be a Filipino household name for cakes and bread. It becomes a small bakeshop in Pasong Tamo, Makati City and now its International brand for baked good and Filipino traditional dishes. At present, they have more than 500 stores worldwide 2/3 of these franchises.

Goldilocks offers bread, pastries, and pie, sweet, signature dishes, combo meals, cakes for all occasions, ready to eat Pinoy classic dishes and Pinoydeli.

They offer two types of a package for their franchisees.

° Bakeshop
    This requires Php 800,000 as a franchising fee and total investment of 6 Million to 8 Million Pesos. The size of the store is 40 square meters to 80 square meters.

° Full Store ( Bakeshop and Foodshop)
 The estimated investment is 13 - 15 Million Pesos including franchising fee of 1.2 Million Pesos. The measurement of the store should 170 square meters to 200 square meters.

The said investment cost may vary depends on the location, size, type of store and also the type of the market. The 12% Vat doesn't include in fees.

° Leasehold Improvements
° Project Management Fee
° Collateral
° Operating Equipment
° Refrigerated Delivery Truck
° Point of Sales and Hardware Packages (POS)

Goldilocks Go Delivery is available in the Metro Manila area and Rizal.

Free training will be conducted to the first batch of store hires the Director Manager, Management team and crew. The franchisee will be given Operation Manual to be updated as needed.
The company provides free assistance for the screening and testing for the pioneering team of the store.

Goldilocks term will last for 8 years and can be renewed.
Every month there is a Royalty fee of 4% total gross for Bakeshop while for 8% for the Full Store and also 3% for advertisement fee for all store will be settled.

For recruitment cost and succeeding, training will be the shoulder by the franchisee.

Interested for franchising must comply with the following:

° Letter of Intent, Initial marketing study to be addressed to  Franchisee Relation Manager and the proposed site.
°  Completed Franchise  Application Form
° Vicinity Map of site

Sent the requirements to GOLDILOCKS BAKESHOP INC.
Franchise Relations Department
439 Shaw Boulevard
Mandaluyong City, 1550

Application Processing Procedures
° Initial meeting with applicants to talk with the concept of franchising of Goldilocks
° First interview of applicants
° Background Check
° Evaluation of site
° Interviews with Vice President (if you have no problem in your application)
° Final Decision of Management

Lin Deres
Franchise Relation Manager
Email add:

Telephone no. (02) 5354357


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