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How to Franchise Potato Corner

Want to start a new business that is in demand? Fries is one of those we loved and the best fries you can come up with is Potato Corner. It has low cost capital to start.

About Potato Corner
The idea of their fries comes from the flavored popcorn. The first Potato Corner cart was launched in 1992 by Cinco Corporation.

In 1993 they start the franchising and open 74 outlets just for one year. Now they have more than 800 branches local and global. Its offer different flavored of fries.

Potato Corner's fee depends on its package.

School Cart - 200,000
Standard Cart - 350,000
Kiosk - 200,000 - 500,000
Kiosk with roof and seating - 500,000 - 600,000
In-line store - 500,000 - 700,000
In-line store with seating - 800,000 - 1,200,000

Franchise Includes:
°Franchise fee
°Small wares and equipment
°Initial supplies
°Franchisee and Crew training

Interested for franchising?
Here are some guidelines.

° Needed documents to submit:
- Letter of Intent (the reason why you want to franchise and the desired location)
- Map or sketch of location
- Picture of your location
- Current resume
- 2 valid ID (government)

° The team of Potato Corner will be scheduled for meet up to have a site visit may be on the same day or another day of applying.
° You have to wait for the approval may be for a month to process. When your application is approved, the franchisee and the crew will be trained on how to make flavored fries to assure that it will be sold.

For those interested people to Franchise Potato Corner you can send your authorized person to talk with their team.

Please email to for pioneering in a new place.

For further information please contact franchise officer Ms. Ellaine Bautista
Telephone number (02) 534-5845/534-5846


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