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Ways and tips on how to avoid Breast cancer

Causes and How to Avoid Breast Cancer
    Breast is one of the sensitive parts of a woman. It consists of soft tissues. Many women die because of breast cancer. It's formed to the tissue of woman breast. The cells of the breast grow abnormally, the cancer cells to the breast easily spread to lymph nodes and the other parts of the body. Some sign easily to distinguish like the changes of the size of breast that has lumps, dimpling of the skin, a fluid coming from the nipple or appear red scaly patch of the skin. A woman must be aware if they feel uncomfortable to their breast like a pain to that part, avoid hit that part. All of us have the cancer cells but it triggers in different ways, like genetic, lifestyle such as alcohol drinking and too much eating with preservative foods.
   Genetic cells have a big factor why some woman has cancer, those cells weak and can fight to the virus. Through weak genetic cells, the virus easily scattered when it is triggered by abusing the human body, too much work like carrying heavy stuff makes the cells weak and the virus active. In some cases, cancer doesn't appear at an early stage.

    The food we eat also affects why does the immune system cant fight viruses. Avoid ready to eat products, processed foods that contain chemicals which cause the immune system down.
We know when we at work we don't notice the food we eat because we don't have any choice what to eat.
When we are outside along with friends too much alcohol, too many fatty foods like barbecue which is not good for the body.

    Too much work and sleepless time affect also to breast cancer. We should maintain the right time of sleep so we have enough energy to fight viruses.
Breast cancer is really painful, a woman has it cried at the pain. Some woman breast cancer is the cause of there death.

How to Avoid breast cancer?
    A proper healthy diet and eating healthy food like vegetables, fruits help to fight cancer. By doing this, our immune system becomes strong.
Do exercise so when we sweat the toxic release from our body.
Keep hydrated by drinking enough water. Avoid too many sweet foods. Eat rich protein foods.
Keep your weight balance.  
    Prevention is better than cure. As a woman learn how to protect your self. Curing breast cancer is so expensive plus the prescription medication they give.
Or before its too late that the breast will be removed.
Life is precious to be healthy and take care of ourselves.
Once you feel unusual to your breast, consult to your doctor's for proper treatment.

Disclaimer: OFW Buddy and its article may contain general information relating to various medical conditions and their treatment. Such information is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitue for advice provided by a doctor or other qualified health care professional. Patients should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing a health or fitness problem or disease. Patienst shoudl always consult with a doctor or other health care professional for medical advice or information about diagnosis and treatment.


An apple a day makes the doctor go away! How true?

The Amazing Apple

    Everybody enjoy the taste of these yummy fruits and juicy fruits. The taste of it helps our taste buds relax. It's cheaper fruits that we can buy on the market. Everybody can afford to buy it. There are many varieties of apples. 

    Do you know that apple rich in vitamins?  It is considered as antioxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fiber. The antioxidants nutrients of apple help to reduce the risk of cancer, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.

    Include apple to your diet routine, it is rich in fiber which good to eat an empty stomach, instead of artificial bread. One apple makes you full plus the freshwater. It helps cleanse our digestive organs.

    It riches in vitamins like vitamins C, Vitamin B-complex which those vitamins are to boost our immune system.
    It good for the heart, to avoid stroke. Eating apples helps to reduce cholesterol to our body. The blood flows smoothly without a clog. Its help to regulate our normal blood pressure.

     Apple helps to our brain, boost our memory and protecting by memory loss. And lowering the occurrence of strokes.

     It helps to our skin, build collagen and melanin the responsible for skin color. It makes your skin looking fresh. It helps also for growing hair and keeping healthy scalp. It because contains minerals, magnesium, potassium, and copper.

      Don't forget to put on your list apples when you go to market. The affordable cost of it gives a healthy immune system to us and build a healthy body.

Fruits that contain vitamins that our body needs.
Choose the fresh apple not the artificial.

Too much consumption of chilli may lead to Dementia or memory loss

Most of us want chilli flavor in our dishes, but don't you know that the too much consumption of chilli  can affect our cognitive function? Yes this according to the new research made by Universities in Qatar, Australia and the United States it was known that the eating too much chilli will lead to risk of dementia.

China is the number one in the world who consume much of chilli so based on the data that had been collected  from 4,582 Chinese people aged over 55 during 15 years, it concluded that chilli intake was inversely related to cognitive ability. It also shows that those who eat more than 50 grams of chilli a day will doubled the risk of poor memory. And 56% higher will lead to loss of memory.

Chilli eating contest in China

Though from previous study that consumption of chili has a beneficial effects by being inversely associated with mortality, obesity and hypertension. "Chilli consumption was found to be beneficial for body weight and blood pressure in our previous studies,” Dr Zumin Shi, one of the five researchers, wrote. “However, in this study, we found adverse effects on cognition among older adults.”

The unique secret of Chinese

Why Chinese people is rich?

    Chinese people are known as rich because of their talent when it comes to managing money. How do they do it? Do they inherit money from their family? 

    Those people are the owner of big establishment in the Philippines,for example the owner of Jollibee is Tony Tan Caktiong a Chinese entrepreneur, the owner of Cebu Pacific Airlines is Lance Gokongwei, and the SM Malls owned by Henry Sy they are just foreign in the Philippines but yet a millionaire and manage a lot of successful business. And the Filipinos is their employee.
    At the same way, there's other Filipino tried having business instead of being an employee until their retirement, they tried the food businesses, agriculture, and many more. They earn from it without boss but not rich like Chinese.

Life is hard, even you have a good job you have to compete so you can earn much. Some Filipino tried different business which can only support for everyday needs. What do Filipino needs? At early morning Filipino already awake when they handle their business and we can say they are industrious, but why is not enough.

      Let's discuss what is the secret of Chinese and the difference with the Filipino people. At home, Chinese encourage their children to study so when they grow up they can handle their own business. The reason why Chinese children need to go to their family business after school to learn their parent's idea about the business. The Chinese need to study to become a successful entrepreneur.

      Filipinos children need to study so they can finish and reach their goal of having good company and work in the future. Their parents encourage a lot to have that diploma or the certification of graduation. For short, Filipino train to become good worker and employee.

       This is the reason why Chinese is rich, their unique way of training for their child. To boost the ability of money-making by themselves someday. That's how Chinese people trained their children up to grow up, not all have a famous business but each of them knows how to build and not depending on parents business. All of them have the talent for the business. The unique way of motivating them helps Chinese to have good business in the future. Their mindset before building a business must have enough knowledge of it, like what business? where to put it? And how to be approachable to customer. For them, business is not easy that why need long time mindset for it. The study first the products if it's going to have a lot of sales before they build it. Chinese is wise when it comes to money they always make sure that the money they give for business has returned.

    If you want to be a successful business person copy the way of Chinese people. The goal for their business is to grow not the money they earn is just for luxury only.

Best way on how to protect your kidney?

Causes of kidney failure and Cure

   How does kidney function to our body? Kidneys filter the waste from our body from the food we, from the medicine we take. The goals of the kidney to function well our body circulation by urinating the waste from our body release and the blood that goes to our heart is filtered by our kidney.

    Our kidney our the best filtered because by this system part of our body the good nutrients and waste separate. Abusing to our body cause bad effect to our kidney, too much alcohol drinking, too many salts, and sugar, too many fats, water dehydrated damage our kidney. Once you intake too much it cause the kidney not to function well.

Have you ever tried to pee and it is pain? Sometimes it because of lack of water, the sugar and salted stock to our kidney and don't release. It causes to the high level of creatinine it is the waste products of our body it increases when protein is too much or too much eating meat. When we neglect this kind of problems it will cause severe damage to our kidneys like a kidney stone and others. Treatment on the kidney is so expensive.

      What to do to keep our kidney healthy Is there any food supplement? What food good for kidney? There's a lot of questions to ask, but the answer depends on the person. Even there's a lot of books, doctors advice but you don't want to follow it is useless.

Symptoms of kidney failure

Foods for Unhealthy Kidney
    We don't notice the food we eat, as long will survive for our hunger we don't think if it's good or bad to our kidney. What are the foods that damage our kidneys? Soft drinks the number one killer to our kidney due to the chemicals put into it, junk that contains too much monosodium glutamate make to enhance those chips, magic sugar that makes artificial juices sweet. Too much oily foods like everyday fried. Processed food and too much medicine those factors affect our kidney.

Foods for Healthy Kidney
       Water is the best cleansing for our kidneys, helps to function it well. Drinking eight to twelve glasses of water every day is good or 2500ml water. It hydrated the kidney that's why the toxic flush easily. Aside from it, we can drink citrus fruits which contain natural vitamins C like lemon, orange,calamansi, and all fruits will help better function to our kidney.

Avoid too much protein and oily foods which clog to our kidneys cause not to function well.
Avoid alcohol.  Eat vegetables which rich into the fiber so the toxic will flush out. Make regular check-up to your doctor's if you feel those symptoms.

Make an exercise habit too to exert to the toxin through sweating.

         Love your kidney before its too late, dialysis cost thousands, kidney transplant about million prevention is better than cure.

Disclaimer: OFW Buddy and its article may contain general information relating to various medical conditions and their treatment. Such information is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitue for advice provided by a doctor or other qualified health care professional. Patients should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing a health or fitness problem or disease. Patienst shoudl always consult with a doctor or other health care professional for medical advice or information about diagnosis and treatment.


Tips on How to invest in Pag-ibig fund?

Pag-ibig Fund Investment
     This government agency gives loan for the employee for housing purposes. It's popular for us and everybody had it. Every company applied its employee names in this agency and monthly it is deducted from the salary.

     Some teachers, government employee, factory workers, if they want a house they ask for a loan and pay for how many years or its up to you how long the plan you want to belong until the total amount of the house loan done. This agency easily to pay because of the salary deduction mode of payment. And if you are a businessman transferring account is the easiest way.

      Now, they have new offer savings fund its called the MP2 which here you can Invest your money and they lend it to others with interest. Once you put your money there you will expect the return of investment (ROI).

Who are qualified for this Investment? The good news is all who already their members and even all pensioners. As it called it Investment it's another way how your money will increase. It has a holding period which is 5years and its more comfortable because at minimum P500.00 you start to invest, no minimum amount. And it has dividends. How you can get your dividends? First, by annually or by yearly the ROI of your Investment they can send it directly to your bank account. Second, the Lump-sum means that after 5years of your term will get your return of investment, and they make compound your money.

1. At the lowest capital, you can start to Invest. At P500.00.
2. It has no tax. Unlike other Investment, it has a 10% tax.
3. Guaranteed that your savings or Investment because it is in the government. You don't have to worried that your Investment will lose.

     The dividends depend on how much your money increase. See the example graph below.

      It has big dividends compare to other Investment.

    This is the government you need to process lots of requirements. And because it connected to housing loan when people do not pay on their exact date the interest dividends will go down.
    So think wise and plan and try the appropriate Investment for you while you are earning much money.

As OFW how to secure your future?

Tips as OFW

   We work hard everyday. We find ways how to survive our life,to reach our goal and dream a better future for our children. Find to earn money is so hard, sometimes we sacrifice our sleep just to work overtime so our salary will much bigger rather to our basic income.

    As ofw the hardest thing is to save because we earn enough money but when we send it to our family we don't know how do they handle those money. The price of our daily need increase. The budget we save sometimes is not enough.

   The truth we should need to remember overseas worker is not a lifetime is just a contract. The wrong mindset people did enjoy the money as as they have big income and be thrifty if they don't have.

    Have you tried to think your future? What if unexpected situation arise,are you ready? For a thousands money you got from your salary how much did you save? If you have children,are they future education secured?
Money easily to spend, when we go to market we are attracted to the things that we don't need. When we watch TV, social media we are affected to Their way of advertisement for the their products. Sometimes we dont notice that we are over spending from the budget.
      Be wise and plan what to do to our money. You need to secured our future. How?  Try to invest to buy even small land,we know it's a long term goal but if we want we can find a way to do so. We can apply insurance either for savings or health. Those such things have a big help to us in the future. And we could find extra income ,so it can support our everyday food.
Small business can help. There's a saying "two heads is better than one",ofw family don't have luxurious life but instead their life is so hard. They sleep without privacy, they wash their own clothes even they are tired they eat meals just once. Its really a great day sacrifice.
Be wise,plan ahead ,invest for your great future.

What are the early symptoms of Dengue?

Dengue Symptoms and Cure

 We are surrounded by different insects. Those insects have an environmental role that has good effects and bad effect to human. Like for example the small flies called"mosquitoes" is dangerous to us. If they bite us they suck a small amount of blood as their food. They love human blood, those bites cause red itchiness, and sometimes leads to irritation and swelling. Some bites don't affect our body, but mostly the female mosquitoes bring harmful effects to our bodies. According to studies, they bite deeper with different person and to another. It causes harmful diseases like Malaria, dengue fever, and yellow fever those harmful reactions once they bite you. They just not only bites but secrete saliva to our bloodstream.

   The reason why mosquitoes bite humans because they are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale. They love the scents. And do you know that mosquitoes have favorite blood type? Blood O the favorite blood they want and least at type A. But whether you are O or A you should take care of your self because of harmful poison they bring.

What are the Symptoms of dengue?

     The patient has High fever which long last two To seven days, feel dizziness and vomiting, loss of appetite, rashes to skin and bleeding of the nose. And the infected person has weak appearance even no fever.

      The patient must get a blood test, but make sure 24hours before the result because dengue poison scattered to the body slowly before it reacts that you have dengue. The infected person, usually after 72hours or 3days of fever the platelets decrease the amount which considers you have that disease. Dengue virus enters through our veins from the time the mosquitoes bite us it release that virus. Our immune system fight that virus but sometimes if the virus is strong our body failed.

      Dengue virus makes the patient body drain. That's why need hospital for giving medication like putting dextrose so the liquid goes to our veins. The best place for dengue patient is at the hospital not recommended at home and drinks some herbal.

Having dengue fever must keep hydrated. So the loss platelets will repair itself.

       Make sure the platelets will increase the amount. We need to give some fresh fruits that will help the patient hydrated.

Proper medication is important don't do it by yourself.

How to Avoid Dengue?

       Dengue is from the bites of mosquitoes. Human blood is their favorite meal. Make sure our surroundings clean. Use mosquito net when sleeping. Use insects repellant to home or room once a week so the mosquito won't enter your house. It's better if the house has a screen that protects from those insects. Once your fever lasts up to 3days go to the hospital immediately for giving the right medication.

Disclaimer: OFW Buddy and its article may contain general information relating to various medical conditions and their treatment. Such information is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitue for advice provided by a doctor or other qualified health care professional. Patients should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing a health or fitness problem or disease. Patienst shoudl always consult with a doctor or other health care professional for medical advice or information about diagnosis and treatment.

How to avoid colon cancer?

Causes and Remedies

  Most of us are not aware of the food we eat. The medicine we take. Technology increases their way how everything to have the more easiest life. From itself easy life easy to die. We don't notice it because of some media advertisement on tv and especially for the most famous social media connections. That those products give nutrients to our bodies.

    Does processed food affect our body? First, what is processed food? This is the process of foods include mechanical and chemical operations performed so it would change the taste and appearance to more looks attractive but yet fewer nutrients.

    This affects our health, especially the first passage, the colon this is the large intestine into our stomach which performed to our digestive. The food we eat, pass through this, it's like a machine which grinds the food so it will release out to our stomach after it separates the nutrients. Imagine we eat chemicals, do you sometimes it's hard to remove chemicals it stays to our colon. We can eat sometimes but not always. We can do it two times a week so we maintain our colon healthy. We should avoid unhealthy food so we absorb good nutrients. 

   What is the cause of colon cancer? The waste products of our body pass through there so if every day it absorbs bad waste or chemicals one thing is sure it will cause a bad result. The toxic stay to colon cause of inflammation up to cancer. Our colon must be cleansed through fresh vegetables, fruits, and water.

Unhealthy food like tocino, longganisa, food with food color our colon will be prone to cancer. It's not detected as soon as possible. According to some doctors, most infected of colon cancer age 40 up, which the digestive is weak to grind some foods inside. This kind of disease has no symptoms at an early age.
    The colon cancer at stage 1 and 2 have no symptoms. This cancer is lumped appear at the end of the large intestine. Some of the cause is stomach pain, hard to "poop" or remove bowels and it has slimy white liquid with small blood, and lose weight.

    We should take care of our colon by releasing our waste every day but not artificial products the natural fiber, the fruits, and vegetables. Keep our diet healthy to avoid bad health. What are the early symptoms of  Dengue?

Disclaimer: OFW Buddy and its article may contain general information relating to various medical conditions and their treatment. Such information is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitue for advice provided by a doctor or other qualified health care professional. Patients should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing a health or fitness problem or disease. Patienst shoudl always consult with a doctor or other health care professional for medical advice or information about diagnosis and treatment.

Top tips: The secret of rich people


    Do you say "I can't afford it"? "I don't have money". Those phrases we always heard in some people. Whether they have a job and they have own car and house they say those words.
    Do you know? The secret of rich people never such say those phrases. They believe in the law of attraction, that once you attract negative it will result in disappointment. The reason why people are poor because they have "poor mindset".

There's a saying" if there's a way, there's a will. That's true, because if you want you will achieve your wants and your goal. Being a loser and poor is easy. Remember that we have the power to do and earn money. Some people just make excuses that they can't because they are lazy. I want to share a true story a woman he said" I was born as poor daughter, studying with light of candle no TV, no aircon, no fan just only the fresh air outside, no soft bed instead of a bed made from the bamboo, I don't have dad and my mom married again. Our house when it's raining too. I went to the school with old shoes, old uniform but it doesn't my excuses why I got my medals and trophy. I don't have pack lunch, instead I  ask food at the canteen then when the class is done I will wash all the kitchen stuff. It makes me happy and I dream someday I could have my money. I finish my study with my sweat. Then when I began to work its really a challenge my all batch as the applicant was college graduate and I'm not. Once the screening was done I'm the one who got passed. Having a job is not about certification but your perseverance in pursuing the things you want. I planned to be an OFW, but I'm afraid I don't have a college diploma, I just tried my best and I succeed more than I expect."

   This great story taught us if you want to achieve something you will find your way and not sitting down and wait. You need to figure out new things, learn new techniques in earning money. By reaching out your call you need to be serious.
Don't depend on others. Some people always lazy they want all things free, free food, free education and many without hard work to achieve what they want.

    According to some rich people, the number one factor you need to do so you won't forever poor is your passion for things and do it as your way to earn money. Example, you love cooking why don't try to start with small business about foods and sell. You can find the way how to live better and happy.

"Never say you can't, because you are created that can build up your self".

Magical Fruits that Cure High blood

High-blood Causes and Home Remedies

  High blood is the most silent killer. Most of the time it don't have symptoms.


What are the causes of high blood pressure? There are several reasons why a person gets high blood pressure.  According to medical research, one cause of having high blood is the imbalance of sodium (salt) and potassium which normally we can get on some fruits like Bananas. The most important things must be balanced.

   Second, magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is the nutrients that give energy and help to function our nervous system properly and help to have strong bones and teeth's. We can get this nutrient from Green leafy vegetables.


Third, lack of omega fatty acids this is the important nutrients for the heart that manage to avoid heart disease. Avoid processed foods.

   What are some fruits that help our heart?
 Avocado this fruits is rich in saturated fats which healthy for our heart.

  Oatmeal is best for our digestion it is fiber which releases toxic to our body and cleanses. Once we have good digestion the nutrients properly go to our blood vessels and our heart will work good without any toxic.

It helps to release cholesterol to our body to remove through feces.

 Black olives and red wine help to remove some obstruction to our veins and blood vessels so our blood will pump normal.

  Onions which anti-inflammatory helps to avoid swelling to our bodies.

Tomatoes which contains lycopene that good to our cardiovascular health. And it called anti-cancer fruits.

   Avoid artificial and processed foods which are not good for our body. We need to value our body because health is Wealth. Remember being energetic at work we need a healthy body and heart and mind. Work gives pressure so keeping healthy is the best things.

Or if you are a Businessperson you need to be active always. Watch the food we eat and keep a proper diet.

Disclaimer: OFW Buddy and its article may contain general information relating to various medical conditions and their treatment. Such information is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitue for advice provided by a doctor or other qualified health care professional. Patients should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing a health or fitness problem or disease. Patienst should always consult with a doctor or other health care professional for medical advice or information about diagnosis and treatment.

Empty Pocket after Payday?Why?

The Reason  Behind Your Empty Pocket

  All of us have different expenses at home. Water bill, the electric bill, internet or if you don't have you are paying for house rent. Our salary, most of the time is not enough for those expenses.

 Time flies the same as money flies. We don't notice easily that the money we earned for that month already finish. The harness of life makes us thrifty, instead of eating three times a day. Most of us eat just two meals just to save for allowance and be enough for the next day.

   The worst truth is we got paid on that month but we need to loan another cash just to keep our budget enough.

    Even rich people had a challenge about how to handle their salaries.
The big question is WHY our expenses over to our salaries.  Do you think it's because we don't much money, no extra income. Be budgetary, the solution to our problems.

   What is budgeting? It's about which we lessen to buy and which we can save. The list which we can buy and not. According to some financial expert, it's not because of money why your salaries are not enough and you gain empty pocket but instead you don't know financial education.

   Financial Education is about how to handle your money, how to save it and how to spend.

Spend too much makes your pocket empty. There's a lot of people work into an ordinary company and earn small but still survive. How? They learned to manage their money in their hand and pocket. They don't live like a millionaire. They love to use a short blanket.

  The reason why wealthy people keep their riches because they use the method of less. Less buy too much, less pay, yet they come to the malls but still find the 50% Save.

 They were like ants trying to gain their riches so when the rainy days they can have food. Even you as an ordinary worker you can keep your pocket full of money.

Here's the reason why you have an empty pocket and the reverse of keeping the full pocket

1. No Plan
   Most people don't think about tomorrow, they use the saying"the reason I'm working to eat and live". It's just they earn money and spend. They don't have valuable reason what to do to their income.
So, makes a plan, value your salary so you can have even small savings.

2. No Budget
   Does no budget mean money? No, it refers to how to handle your cash. When you buying something you don't have any listen just picking whatever you want so at the counter your bill is over your money so either you come for withdraw or use a credit card.
    For wise budgeting, write down all your needs at home and estimate how much you needed for it. Separate the cash for bills, house rent, electric and for your date. Don't let your money guide you anywhere.

3. No Savings
     On-time you need money all you do is go for loaning which has big interest makes your monthly salary lessen because you need to pay.

    What to do? Don't wait for the time you need money. Atlis 5% of your salary monthly you need to save. Little by little it will grow later.

4. No Knowledge
       Spending, buying too much and loaning.
Learn some tips on how to control everything especially about money.

    We know this tip is a challenge. Its depend upon on you which do you choose to have your savings. Even just a cents can be a peso if you do savings. Don't let your pocket always empty.


2019 Top 10 Ideal Business

Start and Expand Your Business

  Are you looking for your extra income as an employer or an OFW? Are you about to retire from your company? Those questions motivate us to think wisely about the time we spend, the energy we consume on working hard. We know everyone how hard having a boss who commands you in everything. If you experience such things well you're not alone, of us felt tired at our daily routine from our jobs. Stress from a co-worker, the cut off our the projects, the amount of our quota, its pressure to us

  Have you ever think to manage your own? Which no one can manipulate you or shouting at you. The best idea is to build your own. For ten years of working could you imagine how much tired you are? You are tired because working is not a game that you want to stop you will stop. Work is for sustaining our everyday life, the food we eat, the medicine we use, the clothes we wear, the gadgets we were holding everything the solution is to have income or money.

  There is a top ten ideal business especially for this year 2019 based to an expert. Let's discuss what are those that will motivate us to think and plan for owning a business.

1. Online Selling

      We know that everybody has updated in social media example the Facebook page. Everyone has own account depends on the reason why they were using it, either for fun, research, gaming and the business section of many. Even you can post the products you can have. Food, clothes, shoes, and others can post online. Just makes your page attractive.

2. Drop Shipping

       This kind of business is finding big companies as your items producer then you will introduce their products. You can do it through online which when you meet a customer that the company will provide everything your customer needs.

3. Money Transfer Business

      This kind of business idea is very popular. It's easy to have it as long as you can have capital. For more trusted money transfer you can choose which company you will franchise. Example are Cebuana, Palawan Express and many more depend on your choices.

4. Food Business

     Food is life. Everyday people need something to eat for their hunger.  Mini fast food is one of the popular business that easies to manage. You can bake, you can cook as it called food. One thing is sure you can earn money.

5. Franchising Business
    This is popular business, this is easy to manage
because of its a package. You only need to do is to sell and invite customers. Not all people can have money for franchising, the simplest way is made from your own. Start in a small and it's up to your hand how it will grow.

6. Retailing Business
   Mini grocery is one example of retailing products. This is convenient because even at home you can own. It's up to what products you can sell

7. Selling Overrun Products

    Most of us choose the cheapest price. Those clothes or shoes that called Overrun is just slightly scratch, or the sew is misaligned but still good in appearance. Or others know ukay-ukay products. You can sell second-hand use shoes, bags, or clothes. Students will be your number one fan.

8. Refilling Station
      Water is very important to people's life its the same as food. You can franchise refilling station if you have already big cash. Or made your brand just buy all the equipment.

9. T-shirt Printing

    If you love to design that's the best idea for you. Schools, player, parties will be a customer here. The more your design has originality the people choose it.

10. Agri-Business

   Some of us inherit the land from our family. You can cultivate it depend, which do you want. Many choices like rice farming, vegetable farming, fruits planting, poultry farming, piggery, and other choices that available into your place.

  Choose the best you can manage. Show your passion for what is your desired business. Enjoy searching and planning.


Taiwan's popular Hello Kitty restaurant now open

Hello Kitty Shabu-shabu
Most daughters love Hello Kitty because of the refreshing color for girls. Hello Kitty is also known by her full name Kitty White, is a fictional cartoon character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, created by Yuko Shimizu and currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi. She is depicted as a female Giginka with a red bow, and notably, no mouth. Girls love the story of it because it consists of a little romantic story. The pink color of it makes more attractive to eyes. This original design made from Japan.

Being popular of this cartoon character designer has copy the image put into the poster, print in notebooks. Same with some factories they made bags, clothes,  blanket, shoes, and anything which can feature Hello Kitty.

  Everybody wants a unique way, and I want to let you know that in Taipei, Taiwan there's a place which we can see the design of Hello Kitty.

Taiwanese is very artistic when it comes to business, so as they adopt Hello Kitty as the character, they made Hello Kitty  Shabu-shabu place. They serve food with Hello Kitty's face.

  Taiwanese has a wide imagination when it comes to business and artistry, they know how to encourage people so it will be popular.

Since Taiwan people love Shabu-shabu and Hello Kitty is popular they use it to their restaurant to attract more customers and even foreign people.

The ambiance inside the Hot pot Hello Kitty restaurant feels like you are eating in a real cartoons dining. And from the menu up to the dessert, they are serving with Hello Kitty image.
  The relaxing image for sure will enjoy!
Here's the same menu you can eat:

Try to visit here and enjoy your meals together with Hello kitty. For sure you will love it. Your soup hello kitty pot, your pao like hello kitty head, your hello kitty ice cream. For hello kitty lover this is the best place for you.


Have you visited the popular Modern Toilet restaurant in Taipei?

Visit the Taiwan Food Menu

Have you visited Taipei? The capital of Taiwan which you can find different views and restaurants. One of the popular restaurants is Modern Toilet. The craziest restaurant but delicious foods. They design the foods as "poop" they made it with art. You will enjoy your seat while you are inside because of living poop around you. And you will eat the poop, oh I mean they style are all poop.
Experience the poop soup and other toilet foods. At first, you might feel strange but once you taste the food you don't want to stand up from your seat. This is how creative Taiwanese when it comes to business.

Here's some of their menu: