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2019 Top 10 Ideal Business

Start and Expand Your Business

  Are you looking for your extra income as an employer or an OFW? Are you about to retire from your company? Those questions motivate us to think wisely about the time we spend, the energy we consume on working hard. We know everyone how hard having a boss who commands you in everything. If you experience such things well you're not alone, of us felt tired at our daily routine from our jobs. Stress from a co-worker, the cut off our the projects, the amount of our quota, its pressure to us

  Have you ever think to manage your own? Which no one can manipulate you or shouting at you. The best idea is to build your own. For ten years of working could you imagine how much tired you are? You are tired because working is not a game that you want to stop you will stop. Work is for sustaining our everyday life, the food we eat, the medicine we use, the clothes we wear, the gadgets we were holding everything the solution is to have income or money.

  There is a top ten ideal business especially for this year 2019 based to an expert. Let's discuss what are those that will motivate us to think and plan for owning a business.

1. Online Selling

      We know that everybody has updated in social media example the Facebook page. Everyone has own account depends on the reason why they were using it, either for fun, research, gaming and the business section of many. Even you can post the products you can have. Food, clothes, shoes, and others can post online. Just makes your page attractive.

2. Drop Shipping

       This kind of business is finding big companies as your items producer then you will introduce their products. You can do it through online which when you meet a customer that the company will provide everything your customer needs.

3. Money Transfer Business

      This kind of business idea is very popular. It's easy to have it as long as you can have capital. For more trusted money transfer you can choose which company you will franchise. Example are Cebuana, Palawan Express and many more depend on your choices.

4. Food Business

     Food is life. Everyday people need something to eat for their hunger.  Mini fast food is one of the popular business that easies to manage. You can bake, you can cook as it called food. One thing is sure you can earn money.

5. Franchising Business
    This is popular business, this is easy to manage
because of its a package. You only need to do is to sell and invite customers. Not all people can have money for franchising, the simplest way is made from your own. Start in a small and it's up to your hand how it will grow.

6. Retailing Business
   Mini grocery is one example of retailing products. This is convenient because even at home you can own. It's up to what products you can sell

7. Selling Overrun Products

    Most of us choose the cheapest price. Those clothes or shoes that called Overrun is just slightly scratch, or the sew is misaligned but still good in appearance. Or others know ukay-ukay products. You can sell second-hand use shoes, bags, or clothes. Students will be your number one fan.

8. Refilling Station
      Water is very important to people's life its the same as food. You can franchise refilling station if you have already big cash. Or made your brand just buy all the equipment.

9. T-shirt Printing

    If you love to design that's the best idea for you. Schools, player, parties will be a customer here. The more your design has originality the people choose it.

10. Agri-Business

   Some of us inherit the land from our family. You can cultivate it depend, which do you want. Many choices like rice farming, vegetable farming, fruits planting, poultry farming, piggery, and other choices that available into your place.

  Choose the best you can manage. Show your passion for what is your desired business. Enjoy searching and planning.


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