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Tips on How to invest in Pag-ibig fund?

Pag-ibig Fund Investment
     This government agency gives loan for the employee for housing purposes. It's popular for us and everybody had it. Every company applied its employee names in this agency and monthly it is deducted from the salary.

     Some teachers, government employee, factory workers, if they want a house they ask for a loan and pay for how many years or its up to you how long the plan you want to belong until the total amount of the house loan done. This agency easily to pay because of the salary deduction mode of payment. And if you are a businessman transferring account is the easiest way.

      Now, they have new offer savings fund its called the MP2 which here you can Invest your money and they lend it to others with interest. Once you put your money there you will expect the return of investment (ROI).

Who are qualified for this Investment? The good news is all who already their members and even all pensioners. As it called it Investment it's another way how your money will increase. It has a holding period which is 5years and its more comfortable because at minimum P500.00 you start to invest, no minimum amount. And it has dividends. How you can get your dividends? First, by annually or by yearly the ROI of your Investment they can send it directly to your bank account. Second, the Lump-sum means that after 5years of your term will get your return of investment, and they make compound your money.

1. At the lowest capital, you can start to Invest. At P500.00.
2. It has no tax. Unlike other Investment, it has a 10% tax.
3. Guaranteed that your savings or Investment because it is in the government. You don't have to worried that your Investment will lose.

     The dividends depend on how much your money increase. See the example graph below.

      It has big dividends compare to other Investment.

    This is the government you need to process lots of requirements. And because it connected to housing loan when people do not pay on their exact date the interest dividends will go down.
    So think wise and plan and try the appropriate Investment for you while you are earning much money.

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