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As OFW how to secure your future?

Tips as OFW

   We work hard everyday. We find ways how to survive our life,to reach our goal and dream a better future for our children. Find to earn money is so hard, sometimes we sacrifice our sleep just to work overtime so our salary will much bigger rather to our basic income.

    As ofw the hardest thing is to save because we earn enough money but when we send it to our family we don't know how do they handle those money. The price of our daily need increase. The budget we save sometimes is not enough.

   The truth we should need to remember overseas worker is not a lifetime is just a contract. The wrong mindset people did enjoy the money as as they have big income and be thrifty if they don't have.

    Have you tried to think your future? What if unexpected situation arise,are you ready? For a thousands money you got from your salary how much did you save? If you have children,are they future education secured?
Money easily to spend, when we go to market we are attracted to the things that we don't need. When we watch TV, social media we are affected to Their way of advertisement for the their products. Sometimes we dont notice that we are over spending from the budget.
      Be wise and plan what to do to our money. You need to secured our future. How?  Try to invest to buy even small land,we know it's a long term goal but if we want we can find a way to do so. We can apply insurance either for savings or health. Those such things have a big help to us in the future. And we could find extra income ,so it can support our everyday food.
Small business can help. There's a saying "two heads is better than one",ofw family don't have luxurious life but instead their life is so hard. They sleep without privacy, they wash their own clothes even they are tired they eat meals just once. Its really a great day sacrifice.
Be wise,plan ahead ,invest for your great future.

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