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How much the cost and profit of Chatime in the Philippines?

               Milktea Business

Everybody love to drinks milk tea because it's so refreshing to our body.  One of the benefits of it detoxifying. Once you are a tea lover you will really enjoy the taste of it. And did you know that the brand "CHATIME TEA" is one of the best sellers? this is the largest teahouse franchise in the world that based in Taiwan which operates 2500 plus outlets in 38 countries.

 And one of the amazing news chatime had branches already in the Philippines one of the tropical countries which love refreshing drinks.

By 2020 the have plans to have 200 outlets.
So while enjoying why try tow have it as a business?  Here's the info about franchising.

 P50,000.00 for liquid capital
 P150,000.00 for location

It may vary the other cost of proxy depends on how big your tea house should be.
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