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Empty Pocket after Payday?Why?

The Reason  Behind Your Empty Pocket

  All of us have different expenses at home. Water bill, the electric bill, internet or if you don't have you are paying for house rent. Our salary, most of the time is not enough for those expenses.

 Time flies the same as money flies. We don't notice easily that the money we earned for that month already finish. The harness of life makes us thrifty, instead of eating three times a day. Most of us eat just two meals just to save for allowance and be enough for the next day.

   The worst truth is we got paid on that month but we need to loan another cash just to keep our budget enough.

    Even rich people had a challenge about how to handle their salaries.
The big question is WHY our expenses over to our salaries.  Do you think it's because we don't much money, no extra income. Be budgetary, the solution to our problems.

   What is budgeting? It's about which we lessen to buy and which we can save. The list which we can buy and not. According to some financial expert, it's not because of money why your salaries are not enough and you gain empty pocket but instead you don't know financial education.

   Financial Education is about how to handle your money, how to save it and how to spend.

Spend too much makes your pocket empty. There's a lot of people work into an ordinary company and earn small but still survive. How? They learned to manage their money in their hand and pocket. They don't live like a millionaire. They love to use a short blanket.

  The reason why wealthy people keep their riches because they use the method of less. Less buy too much, less pay, yet they come to the malls but still find the 50% Save.

 They were like ants trying to gain their riches so when the rainy days they can have food. Even you as an ordinary worker you can keep your pocket full of money.

Here's the reason why you have an empty pocket and the reverse of keeping the full pocket

1. No Plan
   Most people don't think about tomorrow, they use the saying"the reason I'm working to eat and live". It's just they earn money and spend. They don't have valuable reason what to do to their income.
So, makes a plan, value your salary so you can have even small savings.

2. No Budget
   Does no budget mean money? No, it refers to how to handle your cash. When you buying something you don't have any listen just picking whatever you want so at the counter your bill is over your money so either you come for withdraw or use a credit card.
    For wise budgeting, write down all your needs at home and estimate how much you needed for it. Separate the cash for bills, house rent, electric and for your date. Don't let your money guide you anywhere.

3. No Savings
     On-time you need money all you do is go for loaning which has big interest makes your monthly salary lessen because you need to pay.

    What to do? Don't wait for the time you need money. Atlis 5% of your salary monthly you need to save. Little by little it will grow later.

4. No Knowledge
       Spending, buying too much and loaning.
Learn some tips on how to control everything especially about money.

    We know this tip is a challenge. Its depend upon on you which do you choose to have your savings. Even just a cents can be a peso if you do savings. Don't let your pocket always empty.


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