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How to the franchise of Sisig Primo?

Sisig Primo

   A very popular dish from the Philippines which most people love it. Perfect for the occasion, simple meal, and drinking session. Introducing the food cart business which as a full-time worker you need to invest your money. Why don't try this franchising food cart? For low capital, you can have it.

P30,000.00  ( package )

   All you need to do is be a good seller and be approachable to your customer. Briefing your crew for some tips on how to entertain the customer.

This is easy to manage. And because this is the food you can assure it will be people choice.

You need to be full Time in handling this business.

 As beginners, you need to search for a place where people is around. Like in front of schools, company, and terminals. Because this area is surrounded by plenty of people who are in a rush and no time takes a meal in a restaurant or in their home.


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