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How to franchise Fries Business and its cost?

                        Frito Fries Food Cart

One of the best snack people love is the potato fries it is made from fresh potato. It's really good for watching movies or reviewing some exams in schools.

For best taste some vendors add flavorings to it. Be a franchiser of Frito Fries known as one of the best fries with a cart.

Cart is easy to manage just place where people is around like near the school, company or better in the mall.

P47,000 -one total package of a single cart
(Ready To  Operate)

Package Included:
-3years franchise contract
-1 unit of one semi-high foodcart
-business seminar
-P1000.00 worth of products

This is included in the franchise and you can have your business.

1.) The location you should your cart.
2.) Make sure you are focused on your business since you will hire a salesman.
3.) Be approachable to your customer.

IF you are really interested email:


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