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How to avoid colon cancer?

Causes and Remedies

  Most of us are not aware of the food we eat. The medicine we take. Technology increases their way how everything to have the more easiest life. From itself easy life easy to die. We don't notice it because of some media advertisement on tv and especially for the most famous social media connections. That those products give nutrients to our bodies.

    Does processed food affect our body? First, what is processed food? This is the process of foods include mechanical and chemical operations performed so it would change the taste and appearance to more looks attractive but yet fewer nutrients.

    This affects our health, especially the first passage, the colon this is the large intestine into our stomach which performed to our digestive. The food we eat, pass through this, it's like a machine which grinds the food so it will release out to our stomach after it separates the nutrients. Imagine we eat chemicals, do you sometimes it's hard to remove chemicals it stays to our colon. We can eat sometimes but not always. We can do it two times a week so we maintain our colon healthy. We should avoid unhealthy food so we absorb good nutrients. 

   What is the cause of colon cancer? The waste products of our body pass through there so if every day it absorbs bad waste or chemicals one thing is sure it will cause a bad result. The toxic stay to colon cause of inflammation up to cancer. Our colon must be cleansed through fresh vegetables, fruits, and water.

Unhealthy food like tocino, longganisa, food with food color our colon will be prone to cancer. It's not detected as soon as possible. According to some doctors, most infected of colon cancer age 40 up, which the digestive is weak to grind some foods inside. This kind of disease has no symptoms at an early age.
    The colon cancer at stage 1 and 2 have no symptoms. This cancer is lumped appear at the end of the large intestine. Some of the cause is stomach pain, hard to "poop" or remove bowels and it has slimy white liquid with small blood, and lose weight.

    We should take care of our colon by releasing our waste every day but not artificial products the natural fiber, the fruits, and vegetables. Keep our diet healthy to avoid bad health. What are the early symptoms of  Dengue?

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