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We always look for refreshing taste especially on the very hot season is called the summer season or even cold weather our taste buds cravings Ice cream. The creamy cold and sweets different flavored. Here are the procedures:

Cold Milk(even milk)
Vanilla Extract ( for different flavors you can add different flavorings)
Sweetened Milk (condensed milk)
Heavy Cream ( all-purpose cream)

ICE cream chest
Cones, cups, plastic spoons
 Any shallow  plastic container

1.) In a mixing bowl mix all ingredients. Stir it well.
Salt is just a small amount. Only to make ice cream cold longer because of ice cream easy to melt.

(This is plain ice cream but it depends what flavor do you want to sell to attract tastebud of the customer and make them mouth watery for your products. E.g. you can use strawberry, chocolate, mango, avocado, etc. Every fruits or flavoring you can add.)

2.) Use mixer until all ingredients become stiff peak forms or heavy creamy.

3.) Put it in the shallow box dish and freeze up to 4hours. Or you can use a small covered cup for presentable selling. For different design put your ingredients on top on it before you freeze.

 IF you are just a beginner. You need to buy the ice cream chest freezer for better freezing. 
P50,000 for the total package you can start your own. (stall, ice cream chest, plus different design to your store)

If you have already  materials, only the ingredients
P 10,000 can be.
 But if you are doing it small..use the refrigerator freezer.
P 5,000 would ok.

 "The return of investment depends on you, your sales, your customer"

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