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Want to earn more? Why not franchise Pizza Roulette

Pizza Lover
The origin of the word pizza. The word pizza is Italian for pie, and we English borrowed (and loved it) from Italian in the 1930s. ... It may have come from the Latin pix meaning “pitch” or Greek pitta, but others say that it originated in a Langobardic word bizzo meaning “bite.”

You can sure that every bit of it your customer will enjoy.
Pizza is best for watching a movie or for kids snack.

So why don't try to have your own cart as your business?
P47,000.00 your business ready to operate.

 You can start it at that price. Be approachable to your customer so you can have them a lot.

You can make your own way how to manage your time. With no boss and pressure time.

 You need to focus on it. And you will have your own calculation.

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