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Top tips: The secret of rich people


    Do you say "I can't afford it"? "I don't have money". Those phrases we always heard in some people. Whether they have a job and they have own car and house they say those words.
    Do you know? The secret of rich people never such say those phrases. They believe in the law of attraction, that once you attract negative it will result in disappointment. The reason why people are poor because they have "poor mindset".

There's a saying" if there's a way, there's a will. That's true, because if you want you will achieve your wants and your goal. Being a loser and poor is easy. Remember that we have the power to do and earn money. Some people just make excuses that they can't because they are lazy. I want to share a true story a woman he said" I was born as poor daughter, studying with light of candle no TV, no aircon, no fan just only the fresh air outside, no soft bed instead of a bed made from the bamboo, I don't have dad and my mom married again. Our house when it's raining too. I went to the school with old shoes, old uniform but it doesn't my excuses why I got my medals and trophy. I don't have pack lunch, instead I  ask food at the canteen then when the class is done I will wash all the kitchen stuff. It makes me happy and I dream someday I could have my money. I finish my study with my sweat. Then when I began to work its really a challenge my all batch as the applicant was college graduate and I'm not. Once the screening was done I'm the one who got passed. Having a job is not about certification but your perseverance in pursuing the things you want. I planned to be an OFW, but I'm afraid I don't have a college diploma, I just tried my best and I succeed more than I expect."

   This great story taught us if you want to achieve something you will find your way and not sitting down and wait. You need to figure out new things, learn new techniques in earning money. By reaching out your call you need to be serious.
Don't depend on others. Some people always lazy they want all things free, free food, free education and many without hard work to achieve what they want.

    According to some rich people, the number one factor you need to do so you won't forever poor is your passion for things and do it as your way to earn money. Example, you love cooking why don't try to start with small business about foods and sell. You can find the way how to live better and happy.

"Never say you can't, because you are created that can build up your self".

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