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Most effective ways in saving money


      Money is really hard to get but easy to spend. We work hard for it, we sacrifice our health, we use our time. The reason why because it sustains for our everyday survival. As day by day, we wish that we could have enough for our daily commodities. At the end of the salary period sometimes we disappoint because it's not still enough. But we still exert our self to earn more. Sometimes the only thing we know is just to budget. Yes, the hardest part is budgeting, we have the money but not equal to our needs.

Yes, that's the reality of our life and when we on hand the money. We budget only for commodities. 

      We forget to Save!!! Yes savings, do you know? Even a single cents when we save it, we can have it later. But I know it's really hard when the budget is not enough. Still, there's a saying "if there's a will there's a way"! 

So how to save? There are easy 8 ways of savings:

1.)  Write Down Your Expenses
       Yes, it's very important to write all the expenses from the basic needs and wants. We need to track how much we will spend on it and the total amount. If we use electronics payment such as credit card or other apps payment we need to consider it. Remember that we won't see yet how much exact deduction from it.

Once we have all data organize it the same for easier and saving time for buying.

2.) Budgetting
       Then this is the outline of our income. We compare now the expenses to our actual money. We can see now which to spend and how much and which not.

3.)  How Much to Save
       According to some expert, we need to save 10% to 15% 
e.g. if you earn  P10,000.00 in 10% you need to save  P1000.00 and 15% P 1500.00.
Of course as we know sometimes the money is not enough but still keep even cents.

4.)  What to Save
       What for our savings? We should know the goal of our savings, is it for buying a house, for Business, for vacation or anything that we had a goal for the future. Or even preparing to have a baby. Encourage our self to save instead of credit.

5.)  Know Your Priorities
      Always prepare your purpose for your savings. Or easy to say save for each wants or needs in the near future.

6.) Where do you Save?
     Are you saving in your tummy? Lol! Haha, of course, we should find the better place no other than the Bank. Choose a different plan that bank offer. Aside from savings, they have offer investment with ROI( RETURN OF INVESTMENT)
      Or if it's not long term goal just put as a savings account.
Bank established as financial security for everyone, especially for the Businessperson.

7.) Use Automatic-Savings
   This kind of savings automatic splitting your money then goes into your account. There is a transaction you could sign in the bank.

8.) Watch your Savings
    You need to review all your expenses and how to resolve if overspending. Stick to your plan.

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