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Taiwan's popular Hello Kitty restaurant now open

Hello Kitty Shabu-shabu
Most daughters love Hello Kitty because of the refreshing color for girls. Hello Kitty is also known by her full name Kitty White, is a fictional cartoon character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, created by Yuko Shimizu and currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi. She is depicted as a female Giginka with a red bow, and notably, no mouth. Girls love the story of it because it consists of a little romantic story. The pink color of it makes more attractive to eyes. This original design made from Japan.

Being popular of this cartoon character designer has copy the image put into the poster, print in notebooks. Same with some factories they made bags, clothes,  blanket, shoes, and anything which can feature Hello Kitty.

  Everybody wants a unique way, and I want to let you know that in Taipei, Taiwan there's a place which we can see the design of Hello Kitty.

Taiwanese is very artistic when it comes to business, so as they adopt Hello Kitty as the character, they made Hello Kitty  Shabu-shabu place. They serve food with Hello Kitty's face.

  Taiwanese has a wide imagination when it comes to business and artistry, they know how to encourage people so it will be popular.

Since Taiwan people love Shabu-shabu and Hello Kitty is popular they use it to their restaurant to attract more customers and even foreign people.

The ambiance inside the Hot pot Hello Kitty restaurant feels like you are eating in a real cartoons dining. And from the menu up to the dessert, they are serving with Hello Kitty image.
  The relaxing image for sure will enjoy!
Here's the same menu you can eat:

Try to visit here and enjoy your meals together with Hello kitty. For sure you will love it. Your soup hello kitty pot, your pao like hello kitty head, your hello kitty ice cream. For hello kitty lover this is the best place for you.


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