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The Amazing Farming in Taiwan

Rice Planting and Their Way

 Every country rice is a major crop which sustains as food. Like in Taiwan they produce high technology machine in planting rice. The way they choose seeds up to harvesting. They cultured well their crops. 

Before Taiwan uses the manual procedure of planting but as time passed they invent a new way for better producing of rice. Even their land is small. They can produce good rice.

Today they use a machine to plants they seed in the fields, it the same when they need to put fertilizer.

They keep learning their way how to make easy their agriculture using technology.

They use to cope the climate change, they use their traditional calendar. They keep cultivating the development of their rice crop.

The farm they cultivating is small only measure 1.1 hectares (2.7acres) per family. They have high yield irrigation, terracing, multiple cropping, interrelate and extensive use of fertilizer.

The rice crop exceeds demand. The government provide training for them, loan and even how to cultivate idle farmland. They provide too financial assistance for them.

Even the loan government help them plus the marketing strategy of their crops. They have also the insurance security for the farmers especially when a disaster arrives.

Financial assistance for credit provides the agriculture office which reliable.
As modern cultivation, they encourage the farmer to use the new technology or the machine way of planting and cultivating their crops.

Advance for innovation of agriculture techniques in preserving their crops. They have agriculture center to have research for plant production. Since Taiwan is known as high technology, they applied too in their plantation. Many other domestic agriculturists amaze on their way. They become more competitive because of it.  Food safety guidelines for farm table to assure consumer safety.

Taiwan rice Planting keeps rich and enriching.

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