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The unique secret of Chinese

Why Chinese people is rich?

    Chinese people are known as rich because of their talent when it comes to managing money. How do they do it? Do they inherit money from their family? 

    Those people are the owner of big establishment in the Philippines,for example the owner of Jollibee is Tony Tan Caktiong a Chinese entrepreneur, the owner of Cebu Pacific Airlines is Lance Gokongwei, and the SM Malls owned by Henry Sy they are just foreign in the Philippines but yet a millionaire and manage a lot of successful business. And the Filipinos is their employee.
    At the same way, there's other Filipino tried having business instead of being an employee until their retirement, they tried the food businesses, agriculture, and many more. They earn from it without boss but not rich like Chinese.

Life is hard, even you have a good job you have to compete so you can earn much. Some Filipino tried different business which can only support for everyday needs. What do Filipino needs? At early morning Filipino already awake when they handle their business and we can say they are industrious, but why is not enough.

      Let's discuss what is the secret of Chinese and the difference with the Filipino people. At home, Chinese encourage their children to study so when they grow up they can handle their own business. The reason why Chinese children need to go to their family business after school to learn their parent's idea about the business. The Chinese need to study to become a successful entrepreneur.

      Filipinos children need to study so they can finish and reach their goal of having good company and work in the future. Their parents encourage a lot to have that diploma or the certification of graduation. For short, Filipino train to become good worker and employee.

       This is the reason why Chinese is rich, their unique way of training for their child. To boost the ability of money-making by themselves someday. That's how Chinese people trained their children up to grow up, not all have a famous business but each of them knows how to build and not depending on parents business. All of them have the talent for the business. The unique way of motivating them helps Chinese to have good business in the future. Their mindset before building a business must have enough knowledge of it, like what business? where to put it? And how to be approachable to customer. For them, business is not easy that why need long time mindset for it. The study first the products if it's going to have a lot of sales before they build it. Chinese is wise when it comes to money they always make sure that the money they give for business has returned.

    If you want to be a successful business person copy the way of Chinese people. The goal for their business is to grow not the money they earn is just for luxury only.

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