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Too much consumption of chilli may lead to Dementia or memory loss

Most of us want chilli flavor in our dishes, but don't you know that the too much consumption of chilli  can affect our cognitive function? Yes this according to the new research made by Universities in Qatar, Australia and the United States it was known that the eating too much chilli will lead to risk of dementia.

China is the number one in the world who consume much of chilli so based on the data that had been collected  from 4,582 Chinese people aged over 55 during 15 years, it concluded that chilli intake was inversely related to cognitive ability. It also shows that those who eat more than 50 grams of chilli a day will doubled the risk of poor memory. And 56% higher will lead to loss of memory.

Chilli eating contest in China

Though from previous study that consumption of chili has a beneficial effects by being inversely associated with mortality, obesity and hypertension. "Chilli consumption was found to be beneficial for body weight and blood pressure in our previous studies,” Dr Zumin Shi, one of the five researchers, wrote. “However, in this study, we found adverse effects on cognition among older adults.”

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