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Learn how to be a stockholder of your favorite fast-food chain Jollibee!

Why don't try to Invest into Jollibee?
 Jollibee is popular to the Philippines, especially for the kids. After school, they love to have snack their, for the Lover who economical they spend their time eating at the Jollibee. Not only Filipinos love the taste of chicken at that fast-food. Even another foreign country. 
  This fast food is franchising so that in every place in the Philippines it's easy to find the place.
Tony Tan Caktiong is the owner of Jollibee, he is Chinese who wise when it comes to business.
There are 1,100 branches of Jollibee operates in Asia, like Hongkong, Middle East, America, and Italy. As we can this fast-food grow faster. The 950 branches located in the Philippines.

  The logo of this fast-food is famous. "Bida Ang Saya" this phrases is best to describe in that fast-food Jollibee is the entertainer too when there is a party like a birthday. That's why they called Jollibee from the word jolly"happiness", the chicken Joy is one of the favorite food why people loves to eat there.

Ways to Invest
1. Franchising is the first way since this fast-food is famous. You can assure people will love it. It cost P30 to 40 million pesos. This would be applicable to those riches people who have enough money. And thinking about what business to do.

2. Stock Market Investment this is sharing your money with the company and depend on how much dividends they could have and it will add to your return of Investment. At low P5k to P10k you can start to invest your money at Jollibee food corporation. Below is the example of how you share money to Jollibee will earn. Read the chart.

 This is a sample of income at JFC( Jollibee Food Corporation). Buy 10 board slot. This way applies to OFW the money is affordable. And you can have a budget for it. While working abroad invest some of your money not just for spending too much.

3. Mutual Funds it is called the indirect stock market. You can open an account at P5k. If you will buy another slot it will add your share to your account the more account you have the best idea so your money will return as bigger.

  Be wise, invest now! Be chicken joy lover and plan to save and be their co-partner. Being OFW and employee is not forever, that's why to try to invest your money now. Jollibee lover, Jollibee partnership.

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