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How does depression kills one's emotion?

Stress and Sadness how Dangerous? Every day we are surrounded by different toxic problems from friends, family, relatives, money love life and many more. Those factors affect our emotions and bring stress to us which destroy the way we act, the way we decide and the way we face it. When we ignore someone's feelings it brings sadness and they feel unworthy. Losing a job makes someone stress too much. A painful moment in our life brings sadness. It's normal to feel that way, but sometimes too much and can't handle stress can bring so emotional problem which destroys our mind set up. What is depression? It is a mood disorder that kills the way we think and the way we act. Sometimes it will be ease but depression is too dangerous when it reaches the clinical depression. Which damage to our mental health. When it happened the ability to enjoy life it ends. Anxiety, broken-hearted, someone's die, poor living, Loss of jobs can bring trauma into our life but sometimes other people can't handle such situations, which cause depression sometimes depression that lasts long. 9 Types of Depression 1. Major depression- because of failure in life someone feels that way. It can last a week or a month. Feeling worthless and anxiety might feel. 2. Persistent depression- last for two years or more. They feel low esteem and appetite changes. 3. Manic depression or bipolar- someone might feel super happy, super energy but no sleep. Uncontrol emotion. 4. Depressive Psychosis- losing touch with reality. Hallucinations, on what they hear, the smell, the taste and feeling s that aren't there or exist. 5. Prenatal depression- it appears on pregnancy after childbirth. Because of hormones change in our body. It happened to the women without support emotionally during pregnancy. 6. Pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder- it happens during the period of a woman because of cramps and emotional changes. 7. Seasonal depression- it happens during winter but when it worsens it cause suicidal thoughts. 8. Situational situation- depressed mood caused by frequent crying because someone dies and someone's hurt them. 9. A typical depression- it is easy to go away, the Symptoms of it you won't see. Such disorder eating, poor body image, insomnia are some symptoms. Prevention of Depression Someone might take steps under control by boosting their self. Spread to family and friends closeness. Give proper taking care of self and avoid negative issues. If someone feels this go to a psychologist which can give advice and treatment. For those who can't manage it, need medical treatment that lasts throughout life. Mental disorder is a very sensitive situation, it might really damage our mental health and sometimes prolong and it would be forever. Don't let our self be surrounded by toxic issue if someone experience trauma doesn't let them down. Once the mental damage it's a big issue because b mental health is the passage of message throughout our body. Don't forget proper nutrition, remember that health is wealth.

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