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Do you know that there are many benefits of having sexual contact?

The purpose and effects of having lovemaking
 God created our reproductive organs for building a family. The purpose of is to have children its called the system of reproduction. As we read on the Bible God says "be fruitful and multiply", that's the command to our forefathers. That's the reason why you are alive in this world. That's the process of making love you become a unique human.

 How benefits you and your partner? 
First, they make the relationship strong, and they feel each other. According to the American Heart Association, having lovemaking once a week helps your hormones active and your brain
It helps to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke attack.
For a woman it helps to makes their flow of period good less pain, because it helps to relax the uterus. It helps also to set their mood in good condition.
When you have lovemaking it will boost your immune system because it helps to be active, relieve some stress the hormones become relax.
Do you know? Having lovemaking both partners helps to have sounds of sleep because the muscles to our body become relaxed.
It helps to relieve headaches, due to our mentality become active. For a woman, it boosts fertility.
Having lovemaking for both women and men helps to their body.      
t also reduces prostate cancer in men. Just in moderate don't too much. These some effects of lovemaking may help you and your partner.

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