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How to avoid Goiter?

                   Cause and Cure for Goiter
       Most people experience goiter the disease on thyroid glands. It's an of swelling of the thyroid glands which is not functioning well. The butterfly-shaped gland of our neck is called the thyroid glands. When it has a severe infection it will have an abnormal enlargement. It causes of produces of too much hormones or called excess thyroxine. That's mistakenly attack of antibodies that's why thyroid glands swell and the size change.

       What are the symptoms of goiter? It's painful to the base part of our neck, a tight feeling into our throat, hoarseness, coughing, difficult breathing, difficult swallowing, dizziness when the arms raised to the top of head and neck vein swelling. Those are the symptoms if you have goiter.

      How to cure goiter at early symptoms? You must need to get more iodine from the sea foods like shrimp, crabs and other shells and seaweeds but not to much consumption just balance it for your glands.
      For fruits diets berries are good for early symptoms of goiter. This fruits rich in antioxidants that fights bad chemical into our body, it has seen and vitamin D.
      Banana, avocado,Apple cider, potato are common recommend for the goiter at early symptoms.

      Vegetables are the best food for goiter to fight cancer cells and chemicals or toxic that cause severe infection on goiter. Such cabbage, kale and spinach best for the goiter.

      For severe infection of thyroid, consult a doctor for biopsy and some treatment. We must be aware because thyroid is sensitive when the goiter becomes severe it's hard to cure and you might be infect.

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