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OFW had been cheated, "Napaniwala mo ako, marami ka palang lalaki"

Wilfredo Velasco come to "Raffy Tulfo in Action”  who is a representative of his aunt Eva Berja who is lesbian said that she's had been cheated by her girlfriend with another man and sad to say that the girl use her money amounting of 1 million pesos

Eva is working in the U.K. and she’s complaining about her girlfriend in the Philippines named Jelene Azote, who works for a motor company in Pallocan East, Batangas as a Financing/Credit Investigator.
Eva has given and spent money amounting to a million pesos for Jelene as their wedding day is also near.
All of Eva’s friends and sponsors have already had their gowns made for the wedding.
But what’s heartbreaking is that Eva found out that Jelene has been cheating on her with a man. Whom she caught on Facebook.
 “Napaniwala mo ako na mahal na mahal mo ako. Pagkatapos bigla ko na lang makikita sa Facebook ang dami mo palang lalaki!,” Eva said in live interview
Eva was even planning to give Jelene’s father a car, buy and sell business, and a condo unit. But Jelene still cheated on her 
Eva was still kind til the end, she did not ask Jelene to give her back the money but only asked for a public apology on Facebook.

Courtesy of Raffy Tulfo in Action:

Watch here!!!

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