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Farmers in the Philippines are becoming poorest of the poor

     Millions of our farmers depend on the harvest of their rice fields to earn money for their living. In different provinces, farmers spend too much hard work to plant rice, spends much money for fertilizer and manpower, and so that they will have an abundant harvest, the rice will grow healthy and can harvest rice with good quality.

What is the biggest problem of our farmers?
 At present, our farmers are facing a lot of problems. One this is the weather, if there are calamities then definitely it will affect the plantations. When this happened, it's a huge loss to our farmers. Then if no enough harvest then definitely the capital will have no return.

   But the major problem that our farmers are facing is the price of the rice "palay" in the market which only cost Php11.50 per kilo. Businessmen buy the product at cheap prices not knowing the huge capital and sacrifice of our farmers. And if we buy rice in the supermarket, the prices are high. How come?

Meanwhile our coconut farmer are also struggling because of the very low price of  copra which ranges to Php 7 per kilo, and how come the oil in supermarkets and  groceries the prices are too high.

Poor farmers in the Philippines cannot ever stand from poverty unless this Businessman with no heart and not serious Government of the Philippines will be struck by their conscience.

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