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The symptoms from smoking that may lead to an early death

                  Harmful Effects of Smoking
      How does smoking damage our health? Why still in the market? Millions of people smoking are they habit to ease some stress, to relieve pain and for others, it's a part of their routine. When you say to someone who smokes that  it's dangerous, " they will reply that nothing harm to their body." Is it true that their body nothing to damage? Some effects of smoking are not immediately, the effect of it might a long time and it is serious. Cigarettes are an addition because it contains nicotine. The effects of smoking cause death not automatically sometimes it slowly damage our organs especially our respiratory system.

       What are the effects of it to our respiratory system? This is the process of exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, from our body. The process of taking from the lungs inspiration or inhalation and the process of breathing is expiration/exhalation.
Each day we breathe 20,000 times.

       How does smoking affect our lungs? It's a cause of lung cancer which the air sacs damage when filtered the chemical from the cigarette. And affect also to our hearts and other organs which weakens our body.

       Light, moderate, hard smoking have the same effects on our body. Throat cancer, lung cancer, asthma, mouth cancer, and another body disease.

       The most harmful effects of smoking are second-hand smoking. When we inhale the air with cigarettes smoke its damage to our health. The air directly goes to our respiratory from nose straight inside our lungs. It's really harmful to the children which their lungs are sensitive. To pregnant woman too, it may cause asthma and other severe respiratory conditions.

        Remember that one stick of cigarettes a day carries a large risk to our coronary heart and cause stroke. It's a chemical that people intake inside to their body. The nicotine addiction might cause damage later.

         Quit from smoking and boost yourself by cleansing proper diet. Aware of it before its too late.


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