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Taiwan Airport MRT Train now equipped with Free wireless mobile chargers

All the passenger that will ride Violet line Mrt train that goes to airport will now be able to enjoy free mobile device-charging services.

In a bid to provide passengers with an optimized traveling experience, Free 4G Wi-Fi is available at all stations. Express trains are equipped with wireless charging service and luggage racks to provide passengers a fast, convenient and pleasant ride, commonly known as the Airport MRT.

Directions to Airport MRT Station

Terminal 1: The escalator south of B1 Food Court leads to A12 Airport Terminal 1 Station.

Terminal 2: The pathway at the side of B2 Food Court leads to A13 Airport Terminal 2 Station.

Express Train and Commuter Train

Before boarding the MRT, please check if it is a purple express train or a blue commuter train. From Terminal 1, the express train takes 35 minutes to arrive at Taipei Main Station and the commuter train takes 50 minutes.

The Taoyuan Airport MRT. In addition to expanding the USB charging service, it will replace 11 trains and 20 trains.

The whole vehicle's interior lighting will be replaced with LED lamps, which not only reduces the temperature inside the cabin, but also reduces the energy saving effect, and strives to upgrade the service quality in all directions, so that domestic and foreign passengers who take the Taoyuan Airport MRT can enjoy the most complete, most honorable and most intimate ride experience.

The Taoyuan Metro entered operations in March of 2017. The metro line connects Taoyuan International Airport with municipalities in northern Taiwan, including Taipei, New Taipei City, and Taoyuan.


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