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Taiwan government will not intervene in the affairs of Hong Kong

Taiwan government is concerned about the months-long pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong but will not intervene, President Tsai Ing-wen said.

During a meeting with former Australian Defense Minister Christopher Pyne at the Presidential Office, Tsai said the government is concerned and closely watching the protests in Hong Kong as tension continues to escalate over a now-suspended bill that would allow the extradition of criminal suspects to China for trial.

She reiterated her urging that the Chinese government and Hong Kong's leaders should engage in dialogue with the protesters to resolve their differences.

However, President Tsai said the Taiwan government will not intervene in the affairs of Hong Kong, despite accusations to the contrary by Beijing.

She called on the Chinese and Hong Kong authorities not to engage into responsibility over the escalating tension and not to make wrong and regrettable decisions.

Since June, several rounds of protests have been held against the proposed bill, which has been suspended, but the demonstrations have since morphed into a wider movement calling for democratic reforms in the semi-autonomous territory.

There are two Hong Kong groups posted an advertisement on the front page of a Taiwanese newspaper. thanking the country for its support for the territory's democracy activists.

The advertisement also thanked President Tsai for her administration's willingness to offer helping hands to the Hong Kong people.

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