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The danger effects of lack of sleep

            Lack of Sleep-Bad Effects to Our Health
   Sleeping is the way our body rests. It's the time when its repair to its own. The eight hours of sleep is very healthy to our body that balance all the chemicals inside our body. The time too which boosting our immune system so can fight to any virus that our body easily acquire. It really helps our body to restore energy that can use ready for the next day. From our skin, internal organs and another important role to our body.

    Sounds sleep and early helps to our heart to function well, and blood vessel to avoid heart disease, to keep skin hydrated, and to the brain so it can work well. To keep active our body to perform well. To boost our anti-bodies so can fight in any sickness that may harm our health.  Maintaining weight balance should help too. It helps to depress person and those who experience pain. Sleeping helps to relax our body.

    It's really beneficial the sleeping, but in some cases such too much stress, too much overtime, we forgot to sleep well. Do you know what are some the damage to our health? In reverse of good effects. Deprivation of sleep first damage our mental health, that's why some people who don't have enough sleep prone to depression, memory loss, anxiety, stroke, high blood, anemia, weak body and loss of appetite, fatigue, and skin dryness. Our full-time work to earn for a living might be the reason.
    Lack of sleep may slower our metabolism its cause obesity, eyesight problem, hair loss, weak body system which easily to catch cough and colds and many viruses that our body can't fight.

    Love our health makes time for sleeping. A healthy mind and healthy living makes our life long.

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