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The essential reason why should drink milk everyday



   Milk is very essentials to our body ever since we were on the womb of our mother. The mammary gland of our mom develops during pregnancy  preparing for our food at birth. This milk is full of nutrients that can sustain our body and help develop body and keeping us healthy. The milk from our mothers is the best milk among all.

What are the benefits of milk?
For infants, the mother's milk is their main food so they can grow and healthy. But on the other hand, not all mom's are blessed with this nutritious milk.

Does technology invent processed milk for babies?
They processed it in a clean way so it will replace for babies food. Wyeth is one of the popular company which supplies a different kind of milk for infants. The milk helps babies to nurture their body. It provides calcium, proteins, vitamins, phosphorous, and all the nutrients that babies needs.

It's just for the baby?
As we turn adults, our body still needs those nutrients. Especially in our bones, we need calcium. It helps to have strong bones and muscles.

What kind if nutrients we can get from milk?
1. The proteins that gives enough energy and repairing our damage cells in our body.
2. The potassium that helps our blood flows.
3. The vitamin D to keep healthy skin and continuous repairing the tissues inside the body.
4. Vitamins B maintaining good and healthy blood flow of our nerves.

Don't ignore milk as you grow old because the more our body needs it.


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