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KFC made a substitute for meat which consist of pure vegetables also called as "Beyond Fried Chicken"

 Plant-Based Chicken
           KFC has a new product at Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A with the partnership in Beyond Meat Incorporation. They have made a substitute for meat it consist of vegetables that are good for the body. The fewer calories burger which taste likes real meat but not actually meat. It's all about the invent of their products as healthy food. The new restaurant in Atlanta Beyond Friend Chicken had a try to people. They opened a try last August 27, 2019, the Kentucky Friend Miracle many people tried this tastes like real meat of chicken but it's not but veggies.

             This offer is just a try, but since people's got to love it they will plan to improved more products in KFC that less meat. This plat based food is a test in Atlanta, Georgia.

             Since KFC is famous around the world because of the chicken taste this try of 'beyond chickens is started in Atlanta. Once it becomes favor to all customers it's might change to their other branches around the world. The vegan burger that not for vegetarians but for those who wanted to keep their diet but yet they still taste the real meat in their food.

What're their products?
The vegetarian burger, sausage, and bacon are limited and the nuggets plant-based foods. Healthy food that fewer fats and calories but yet enjoy the same taste.


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