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Philippines new basic salaries for 2019


                                2019 NEW WAGES
   The Philippines is rich in agricultural products which for the living of people. As the year passed the economic arise and the technology increase they grew up in different investment like an electronics company land other machines. They learned a different way of managing the investment.

     In every productivity, the wages change at a higher rate. Since the people in the Philippines is industrious the President try the best to improve the economy and at the same time the salary of every person.
The chart below is updated this August 2019 and shows the minimum wages in each Province and city.

REGION                                     MWR(PHP)

NCR                                            P500.00-P537.00

CAR                                            P300.00-P320.00

REGION I                                  P273.00-P340.00

REGION II                                P320.00-P360.00

REGION III                               P284-P400.00

REGION IV-A                           P303.00-P400.00

REGION IV-B                           P294.00-P320.00

REGION V                                P310.00

REGION VI                               P295.00-P365.00

REGION VII                              P313.00- P386.00

REGION VIII                            P285.00-P315.00

REGION IX                               P303.00-P316.00

REGION X                                P331.00-P365.00

REGION XI                              P381.00-P396.00

REGION XII                            P290.00-P311.00

REGION XIII                           P320.00

ARMM                                      P270.00-P280.00

      Updated compensation salary depends on the province and what income they had.  This is per day basic income. That income can be added other benefits in the company like meal allowance, performance bonus,overtime and other deduction for the person benefits.


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