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Useful tips to relieve back pain

           Cause and curing of Back pain
  Many of us experience back pain due to different reason. Every day we work hard, we don't get enough rest and at the office for 8-12 hours of working our back easily got pain. According to some clinic, the primary reason why most people visited the doctors is due to back pain. And do you know that the second common and frequent reason why patients consulting a doctor is due to back pain?

What are the causes of back pain?
It might because of kidney problem, due to aging reason and posture of the body which cause tiredness. Especially lifting heavy loads. We need to properly lift by flexing our knees so it won't give stress into our lower back.

For office workers such as call center agent, managerial position, vision manual checker of products and some students. Spending 8 hours of sitting add more pressure into our lower back rather on standing position. Long hours of sitting will double the weight into your lower back. And when bringing bags it is advisable to put straps both sides of your shoulders to balance the weight of your stuff.

How to avoid this kind of stress in our lower back?
1. It is important to comfort our body.
2. Have a massage to relax the stress muscles.
3. Don't lift too many loads
4. Use proper position when lifting
5. Proper sitting posture
6. Regular exercise

   If back pain is severe, must consult a doctor so they can give proper medication for you to avoid such pain.

Disclaimer: OFW Buddy and its article may contain general information relating to various medical conditions and their treatment. Such information is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitue for advice provided by a doctor or other qualified health care professional. Patients should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing a health or fitness problem or disease. Patienst shoudl always consult with a doctor or other health care professional for medical advice or information about diagnosis and treatment.


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