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What is the best food for anti-aging?


                   The best way to keep skin glow
      Many people choose an expensive product use for their body. Everyone wants to be more beautiful. Stress makes our skin damage easily. Less sleep damage our skin health. Proper diet and exercises help to renew our cells and keeps beautiful and younger feelings. Avoid stress so our body can work well.

       As time flies fast our body age fast too. How to take care of our body? The food we eat is another factor in affecting our skin to avoid looks haggard and exhausted. Harmful radicals and pollution damage our cell but we need to be aware of the food we eat.  Our bodies need to be cleansed by the food we eat. The most anti-aging fruits are rich in vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C and selenium which enhance the growth of our cells inside our body. Our body those vitamins so we need to absorb it by eating such foods. 

  What are some foods good for our diet to keep our skin healthy inside and out? Fruits like grapes, blueberries, cherries, Apple, avocado, orange and papaya's helps to our skin because of rich in vitamin C, vitamin D, and those fruits consist of antioxidants that help to free from all radicals.

   Vegetables help too, like the leafy vegetable that keeps our digestion good and the nutrients we need easy to absorb.

     Liquid is the best for making our body hydrated water is the best, but drinking turmeric and honey helps too. Natural citrus, and buko juice the best for hydrating our body.

      Remember all of these foods when you go to the market and buy one at least one of them for  keeping your skin glowing and healthy.

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