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What is the cause of PCOS and how to avoid?


         PCOS Most Woman Problem and How to Cure
   Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a common woman problem. It damages the system of reproduction. It's a number of cysts, or fluid sacs, on their ovaries. That cyst is not harmful but bring imbalance hormone to the body and hormone levels. A woman experience such syndrome might experience unusual big tummy, irregular period, increase androgen(sexual hormone levels), obesity, excess hair growth, and acne. And cause of hard pregnancy because of no ovulation.

     The doctor examines your ovaries through ultrasound. A number of women appear this syndrome at an early age 15 years old and late '40s.

     What is the treatment of PCOS? There's no cure yet but it required to have a proper diet. Healthy lifestyles like eating vegetables and fruits may decrease the sign of PCOS. When you boost your immune system it has own ability to repair our body itself. This is hormonal imbalance proper vitamins, relaxation would help to a woman who suffers to it.

     The high technology medicine keeps studying how to treat this kind of syndrome. The specialist recommends some medicines to makes you feel better and keep the ovaries healthy.

     Is there any chance to get pregnant when you have PCOS? Yes, you should need to ovulate and makes good quality of eggs. The ovaries can carry millions of eggs but you need to produce good quality in order to have fertilization. Proper taking care of our body might help to have healthy ovary and eating healthy foods, not with preservative.

     Regular exercise is very important, to manage our hormones. The natural livings is a healthy lifestyle that doesn't bring any problem. Avoid too much stress so our body will work well.

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