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Why OFW are called "HERO"?

Life of an OFW, many think that this is the easiest way to earn so much money. They see you like a bank with a lot of money. They imagine that you have a luxurious life and you enjoy roaming around. They also think that you sleeping in a comfortable bed as far as they know but the sad truth is not.

In times you feel homesick and when the tears started to flow down into your face and thinking that no one is there to hugs and even to wipe away your tears. When you got sick, no one is there to care for you. No one is there to cook food for you but instead you get up by yourself to have food on your plate. And there are times you are feeling alone, no one is there to makes you smile. You have so many sacrifices that others can't understand. Even at the company when you feel so much tired, still you have to go on and make a living.

Lovelife abroad, you must be decisive because if you feel in love, you must know how to choose between a single and complicated or else everything will be ruined. And if you have family back home try not to look for instant happiness, think of your children and the reason why you work abroad. In terms of your money, you must be smart in spending your money, know your needs and wants.

Being an OFW is a tough decision, if you are weak then working abroad is not for you. According to the data, 70% of the OFW had walked at the wrong path, families, and relationships got ruined. Always remember, that your job in abroad is not a forever job after your contract everything will be the same again or it is called "Hello abroad, goodbye."

Being an OFW is not living in a luxurious life but it's full of sacrifices so be wise in spending your hard-earned money always think of your goal why you are here.

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