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A crew of the fishing vessel in Taiwan losses his leg while onboard

Penghu, Taiwan- An Indonesian fishing worker losses his right leg while at work. Last Tuesday, September 10, at around 3:20 pm the Penghu coastguard received an emergency call from the vessel Te Hsing I No.2 which is 14 nautical in Southwest of Penghu near in the island of Qimei.

The said victim and including 2 others who got minor injuries were evacuated via fast boat at around 5:30 pm to a hospital in Magong.

According to other four crews on the boat, they were lowering the net into the water when accidentally the victim got his right leg in tangled and due to uncontrollable force, it causes his right leg to lost.

Currently , the victim is being treated at the Tri- Service General Hospital in Penghu branch.


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