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DEAD OR ALIVE: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will give one million pesos reward for convict hunters

In Manila Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte offered P1 millions to anyone who could catch heinous crime convict freed because of the Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) Law at the impending end of his ultimatum to September 2019 
“I will just set the timeline and then the ₱1 million prize is available to those who can capture them dead or alive, but maybe dead is better. I will pay you smiling.
I send them back to prison, they'll just eat these *******. I have to spend. the President said.
“Ang totoo talaga niyan ‘yang heinous crime, pati one other --- wala sa enumeration. Recidivist, pati a guy who would go in and out repeatedly. Well, actually it’s under the broad term recidivist. Kaya ‘yang nasasabit diyan ngayon because there is a variance in the law,” Duterte said.
 September 19 is the last day and ending an ultimatum to give up the most freed of the GCTA.
The Philippine National Police earlier said fewer than 600 convicts have turned themselves to authorities so far, a few days before the 15-day grace period lapses.
The President reiterated that he is against granting of GCTA to those who are convicted for heinous and recidivists.

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