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How to avoid back pain and prevention?

                             Back pain Causes 
    Most of us suffer from a very tiring work task. Lifting heavy stuff, rushing to push some objects and sitting not proper may cause back pain. Too much hard work really cause back pain. But we need to be aware if we don't work too but still we had back pain. Some causes of back pain is a muscle injury, sprain due to lifting heavy objects.

     In the most female, during pregnancy and premenstrual syndrome they feel that pain. Others may suffer to it because of diseases such as hernia, arthritis and kidney infections. Pain indicates that there is something wrong into our body. Back pain must be aware because if it is ignored it will cause a severe condition.

     If back pain is due to tiredness what are some way to ease the pain? You should limit bed rest which the weight of our body is in the back. Keep the habit of exercising for muscle stretching especially at the back of our shoulder. When sitting or getting an object make sure that you are in good posture. Apply the hot patch to the portion that is painting. And you must remember if the pain is severe you must consult a specialist for better treatment and cure.

     Rich in potassium such banana as fruits is important and calcium which drinking milk that helps for stronger bones and backbones.

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