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Important reason why we should not ignore Acid Reflux?

   Acid Reflux is the painful condition of our digestive system or also known as heartburn in the lower chest area. It happens when the acid over flows into the food pipe.

What are the symptoms of Acid Reflux? Constipation, cramping, heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, and undigested food on the stool. It occurs depends on the food they eat, and causing the acid to goes up at food pipe.

What are the causes of Acid Reflux?  There's some routine that caused of it like eating a heavy meal at night and lying down, overweight or obese, having snack at bedtime, and eating too much citrus, chocolate, mint, garlic, spicy food, and fatty foods. Such a routine may cause acid reflux.

How to avoid Acid Reflux?
We should be careful about what we eat, avoid too much eating, we must have an exercise to lose weight, limit alcohol intake, don't drink too much coffee, limit intake of carbonated beverage. It is important to know such information so we can stay healthy.

What are the bad effects of Acid Reflux? It is not cured early, it can damage our esophagus, causing irritation and ulcer. If it is ignore can lead to cancer. The complication of ignored acid might be long term and cause uncomfortable feelings to our stomach.

     It is important to stay healthy so we can move and work well.                          

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