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More than 300 first new farmers to be deployed in Taiwan

The internship and migrant agricultural workers' programs are part of the government's efforts to save the shortage of agricultural labor in taiwan

Taiwan will see the arrival of the first batch of migrant laborers who will be working on farms on a short-term basis starting later this month.

In addition, Indonesia and Taiwan signed the “Indonesian Plan for Internship Program for Young Farmers in Taiwan” at the end of August.

In addition, a group of 54 youths from Indonesia will work as interns at 45 farms in Taiwan starting in September as part of a bilateral agricultural exchange program. The participants, who have degrees in agriculture-related fields, will receive a monthly allowance of US$600 (NT$18,758) during their stay in the country, said the report.

Among the first batch of migrant workers entering the country under the government initiative, 109 will be hired to work on dairy farms, a COA official said, adding that those workers will start arriving in late September once their applications have been approved by the Ministry of Labor (MOL).

Another 207 will start arriving at the beginning of October to take up work in various agricultural outreach organizations.
After the first three years, the contracts can be extended periodically for up to 12 years, the COA said.

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