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PNP warned the public of the new system of ransom syndicate, especially this BER months

Kidnap for ransom is one of the must extreme of crisis. When either a private individual or a corporate employee is taken. It is an extremely challenging task for the family.

In one special report of Philippine news, there is a new modus of kidnap for ransom spreading, and the target of this are the people who has a CELL PHONE. 

In one facebook post, there is a person giving a warning to all regarding the new modus operandi. 

The said modus operandi is they will call or message you and they introduce themselves as a representative of your mobile provider and telling that shutdown your mobile phone for 3 hours to update your  4G signal.

According to the PNP this operation is one modus of kidnap for ransom syndicate, for a reason that you will not be able to contact the victim. Modus and steps may change but the motive is to deceive but now we can avoid to be victimized this kind of situation.

PNP advice that everyone should inform their family wherever they will go. Tell them the time of your leave the house and the destination where did you go. Leave also your another contact numbers so that your family can reach you anytime. Don't believe any calls from the people who do not know. Immediately inform the police once you experience this kind of modus.

Aside for this modus, there are another kidnap for ransom during this BER months some of these are ATM scam, dugo-dugo gang, salisi gang and budol budol gang.

PNP also said that this BER months so many people traffic everywhere so that they advice them to be aware and carefull everytime and to be observant anytime because security of everyones is very important.n


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