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Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen once again blasted Mayor Han Kuo-yu over his discriminatory remark to migrants

Taiwan- The issue is not yet over against Presidential candidate and Kaoshiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu after his discriminatory remarks against the migrant workers in Taiwan.

Yesterday, September 5, 2019 during the Chunghwa Post event in Taipe the President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen again lambasted the old man of Kaoshiung over his discriminatory remark. And she also reiterate that is not the duty of Ministry of Finance's Custom to chased "illegal visitors".

Based of Han's warning against visitors who come to "cause trouble," President Tsai said, "All friends who come to Taiwan, regardless of whether they came a long time ago or recently, should not be discriminated against," reported ETtoday.

She also said, "Elected political figures should avoid using erroneous and stereotypical statements to single out immigrants and migrants who participate in Taiwan's society."

This is the second time that old man of Kaoshiung had been put on spot light because of his foul mouth. After he hurt the feelings of migrants last August 29, the following day he explained his side, and according to him, he used the poor language to described the situation and not knowing it will cause chaos but never apologize to migrants.


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