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The secret of chia seed why so effective in removing fats in our body

         Chia Seeds and Lemon as Tea
   Most of us have fats stored in our tummy and it's difficult to remove. Even we work out every day it can't easily be removed. But one effective way to remove is by consuming the Chia seeds and lemon it has an effective way of losing fats and cleanse up our intestines.

  Chia seeds are edible seeds from Salvia Hispanica, a flowering plant in native Central America and it's related to columbarium of the Southwestern United States and Mexico. Chia seeds appearance is oval and gray, with black and white spots with a diameter of one millimeter.

What are the benefits of Chia Seeds?
It is a good source of omega3, fatty acids, antioxidants, calcium, protein, and fiber. The fiber helps to remove excessive fats in our tummy.

How to prepare? make sure preparing chia seeds are well soaked to avoid choking. And the characteristic of the seed expands whenever it soaked into the liquid.

How to prepare chia seed and lemon as tea?
First, you need to get two tablespoons of chia seeds and soak it in a mug and wait until it turns to smoothy form and then adds some lemon.

The fiber content helps the stomach to remove some fats in our tummy. This tea can be added to our everyday diet. It helps to have a faster metabolism. Then honey can be added for better taste.

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