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Two assailant stabbed a OFW spa receptionist in Kuwait

Kuwait- A Pinoy spa receptionist and an assistant supervisor was attacked by two Kuwaiti customers after they refused to give the demand service.

According to the Kuwaiti newspaper which had been narrated by the sister of the victim, the two were demanding on the service but they refused because they are under the influence of liquor. And it is the policy of the spa that anyone under the influence of liquor should not be given such service.

" They threw the money on my brother's face and when he was about to pick it up from the floor, one of them grabbed him by the neck and punched him in the face causing a swollen eye and bruises to the face."  the sister of the victim said.

After the incident, the two suspects left the establishment. But when the victims is about to close the door, one of the assailants came back with a sharp object and attack him causing wounds on the upper part of his body. The assailant fled right away after the incident.

The victim was rushed to the nearest hospital. The Philippine Embassy in Kuwait has assured assistance will be given to the victim and also in filing a case to the suspects.


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