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What are the causes of hair loss and cure?

                              Hair loss and Causes
    Most people suffer hair loss which sometimes leads to baldness. Hair loss can be due to Alopecia or hereditary. Most people with hair loss starts at the top of the head which easily to be notice.

 What age hair loss start and causes?
It depends on our hormones, mostly because of genetic factors some people after teenager stage their hair start to fall or hair loss especially men. Most if which are at the age of 30 or older. For woman, the cause of hair loss is hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, menopause period, anemia, thyroid disease, and syphilis can cause hair loss.

For men can be because of too much stress, hereditary. And due to some habits like smoking and too much alcohol.  It includes the deprivation of protein which loss of potential to keep a strong follicles of our hair. The deficiency of vitamin is the other reason why one person has hair loss because of no enough protection to keep the hair growing faster and causes to loss hair.

Is there any cure for hair loss?
According to the hair specialist, they advise putting Minoxidil which is 2% to 5% treatments into our scalp. Other advice to massage of virgin coconut oil. It is very important to maintain our right and healthy diet so the nutrients that our body needs can function well. But if the pores of our head are closed and bald there's no way for it or simply say there is no cure to regrowth the follicles and grow your hair.

Let's love our hairs as long as we have it. Because as we get older it will dwindles.

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