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Taiwan's economic growth surges over Japan and South Korea

Taipei - In the last nine months of this year, Taiwan has neighboring countries Japan and South Korea in terms of its economic growth. Thanks to the relatively strong number of exports and investments by Taiwanese companies repatriating from Taiwan.

In a report released last Oct. 28, the Ministry of Economic Affairs MOEA estimates that Taiwan's economy has grown by 2.4% from January to September this year, compared with South Korea at 2.1% and Japan's 1.2%. Exporting is one of the factors contributing to the growth of Taiwan's economy. It rose 2.8% in the medium term, 1.5% for Sout Korea and 1.7 for Japan.

In 2018 Taiwan's export dependence was 56.6% higher compared to South Korea and Japan. Taiwan is in the top five in exports from January to September, the report said. It accounts for 69% of total exports while its top-notch partners account for 86.5% of total exports.

Year-on-year in the first nine months, Taiwan's exports fell 2.5%, South Korea's 9.8% and Japan's 4.8. The decline in the demand for the three countries is due to the weakening of the global economy and declining prices of raw materials.

The report also said that Taiwan suffered fewer declines than its counterparts as fewer exports to China and Hong Kong decreased slightly. And exports to the United States have increased significantly. Taiwan's exports to China decreased by 6.7%.

Taiwan's exports with the U.S. increased by 17.7%, with Japan and South Korea rising 3.6% and 4.2% respectively. Taiwan's collapse in China saw a 3.9% increase in exports of information technology, auto visual products, and network communications.

Overall, the report cites the return of businesses to Taiwan and the accompanying increase in investment, exports, manufacturing, and employment as a means to boost Taiwan's economy.


Newly amended Crime Victim Protection Act to protect the migrant workers

Taiwan government has amended a provisions in the Crime Victim Protection Act  which give a new measures to assist the foreign citizens, if they are victims of a crime committed in Taiwan, following the case of Hong Kong suspect Chan Tong-kai (陳同佳), who allegedly murdered his girlfriend Poon Hiu-wing (潘曉穎) in Taiwan last year, The Ministry of Justice said.

He also stressed, Taiwan is one of the most progressive countries in the world in terms of state assistance and compensation for victims who are foreigners, told a news conference in Taipei on Wednesday.

Any foreigners working at business firms, migrant laborers from Southeast Asian countries or tourists could be a victim, he said.

The victim’s family can apply for financial compensation, with the maximum amount set at NT$1.4 million (US$45,959), if violence towards foreigners happens in our country, Chen said.

The family of victims who are killed must apply at the respective city or county district prosecutor’s office. Recently, compensation provided to families has been about NT$600,000 to NT$800,000, a section chief at the Ministry’s Department of Prevention, Rehabilitation and Protection Chu Nien-chin (朱念慈) said.

There are reports in the past years that migrant laborers have been injured or killed at job sites. Legal action is ongoing for alleged negligence by their employers, if convicted, financial compensation will be awarded by the victims, and employers may go to prison, Chu said.

He also said that aside from financial compensation. The ministry also provides interpretation services for the victim’s family, psychological counseling, and transportation arrangements and funeral assistance if needed.

These measures took effect last Oct. 1 when bridge collapse in Nanfangao in Yilan County was fishers from Indonesia and the Philippines were injured and died.

Chen quoted that the equality of people's lives remains at the top regardless of which country you belong to.

Han's offer for pregnant foreign spouses was rejected

According to Central News Agency (CNA), October 31, the proposal of Presidential Candidate Han Kuo-yu of Kuomintang (KMT) was rejected by a government official to make exemptions for foreign pregnant spouses for six months residency to cover the national healthcare insurance program in Taiwan.

 The Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-Chung said that even though it is for the sake of foreign immigrants the government must consider it if its fair for others. If they made an exemption for pregnant it will be unfair for a person who is suffering a disease. Chen said whether it's a Taiwanese spouse's residents or not they should have at least six months' residency to cover the national healthcare program and they do not make an exemption for pregnant.

 However, the newly hired immigrants are eligible for the program since day one. If there is a foreign spouse pregnant and need assistance they need to apply for subsidies at Health Promotion Administration. And they will apply for the special fund under the Ministry of Interior for their giving birth.


Another OFW was excessively charged by a rampant corrupt taxi in NAIA

A OFW arrived in NAIA last October 24, 2019 and took a taxi from Airport going to her residence in San Joaquin, Pasig.

Upon arrival she went to look for taxi that would take her home. A white taxi namely Vilma O. Bell took her attention and convinced her to ride with him. And without hesitation she went in and a dispatcher had offered a help for his baggages.

As the the taxi was departing the airport, the driver let the dispatcher ride with them. And because she felt nervous and scared, she just shut her mouth. And as they are halfway, the driver told her that his rate per kilometer is just 20 pesos. But suddenly the driver asked her an amount of 2000 pesos for the ride even if they had not yet arrived in location.

And also the driver kept on driving in the different directions as if she didn't know the place.

Rose Pineda the uploader and a victim wants to warn everyone should be aware on this Taxi. So guys beware!


Taiwan drafted a bill urging employers to hire at least 65 years old elderly

Taipei, Taiwan - A draft bill was passed by the Legislative Committee yesterday, Oct. 30 intended that all employers found guilty of age discrimination for applicants would pay from NT$300,000 to NT$1.5 million.

The draft bill aims to boost the rate of people who want to work in the elderly and the elderly and to protect the right to reunite workers by providing them with job opportunities. The bill states that middle-aged workers are 45 to 65 years old, while older workers are over 65 years old.

Draft legislation stipulates that employers cannot cover anyone unfairly because of their age.  Discrimination refers to harmful actions taken against job applicants or employees in connection with their recruitment, job allocation, performance evaluation, hiring, wages and benefits promotion, retirement or redundancy payments.

According to the draft bill, middle aged and elderly people experiencing age descrimination can file a complaint with labor affairs authorities in their localities.  Employers are not allowed to remove or transfer them to others, when they file a complaint.

The draft bill also states that employers will pay a fine of NT$20,000 to NT$300,000 when an employee is removed or subject to any penalties such as job transfer after they file a complaint.

It also stipulates that the Ministry of Labor needs to release the names of the owners and their company undergoing mistreatment of their employees due to their age and also direct them to make changes within certain  time or face fines.

The draft bill allows employers to hire people who are at least 65 years old for permanent contract and ensures that older workers will enjoy equal employment opportunities.

It also states that the government should also provide subsidies to employers of older workers who pass on their professional erxperience to younger employees.

It also stipulates that businesses that hire workers who will reach 65 soon must also provide different forms of assistance for such workers one year before their retirement to seek employment again.


A Danish cyclist sits on a tomb's altar draws the attention of several Taiwanese

  October 29, Tuesday one of the Taiwanese netizen posted a photo from the Instagram of a danish cyclist sitting on the altar of a Taiwanese family tomb on Baoxiao Commune. In Taiwanese culture they highly respect the tombo their love ones. The manner of the foreigner shows disrespectful to the spirit of their ancestors and lost souls and refers more like "good brothers."

The man was wearing biker shorts and helmet and with bikes on both sides an sit on the altar, feeling like setting in a thrown.

Based on Liberty Times, Charmig recent visited Taiwan to participate on KOM Challenge which he won first place. After the competition, he tours around Taiwan. After Charming was informed about the photo and what is the meaning of the altar he sits on, he deleted the photo in his Instagram.


At least 14 dead on a series powerful earthquake in Mindanao.

Cotabato (October 31, 2019)-  Around 9:15 am a 6.5 magnitude earthquake hits again Cotabato. In the city of Makilala left severe damages.

  According to abs-cbn breaking news, there are two confirmed dead from the incident. One of the victims was identified as a grade 1 student in Makilala and the other victim was the Brgy. Captain of Batasan in Town of Makilala Cotabato Ceasar Pamut. The town is now under the state of calamity and the local government were asking for help because their food supplies are limited and all stores and supermarket sales also closed due to earthquake.

 As of recent record in NDRRMC, a total 14 casualties since the first struck of powerful quake. Landslide were recorded and several establishments and houses collapsed. And more than 400 were injured


BREAKING: A Barangay Captain in Makilala Cotabato was dead on the spot after debris fall due to powerful earthquake

ctto: Rye Gyona

Breaking news, the Barangay Captain of Batasan in the town of Makilala in Catobato Province was dead on the spot after debris from the barangay structures fall to the victim following the magnitude 6.5 earthquake this morning.

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck with the epicenter in Tulunan, Cotabato at around 9:15 am October 31, 2019. Last October 29, 2019. A powerful 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck in the same province and almost the same time at 9:04 am. And also a powerful quake hit last, last week in the same province. And several aftershocks were recorded.

Magnitude 6.5 hit again in Mindanao causing more severe damaged

ctto: Engr. Joselito Licuarin

Cotabato-  Another magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck with the epicenter in Tulunan, Cotabato at around 9:15 am October 31, 2019. A road in between Davao and Cotabato was damaged due to a powerful quake.

Last October 29, 2019. A powerful 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck in the same province and almost the same time at 9:04 am. And also a powerful quake hit last, last week in the same province. And several aftershocks were recorded.

Many houses were damaged and casualties. Offices and Schools were suspended.

Province of Cotabato once again struck by magnitude 6.5 this morning

ctto: Xie Poy Rabi Gorith

Kidapawan City- The Eva Hotel in Kidapawan City partly collapsed after another magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck with the epicenter in Tulunan, Cotabato at around 9:15 am October 31, 2019.

The province has been experiencing a powerful quake for 2 consecutive weeks. Several establishments and houses were damaged. At least 7 dead were recorded and more than 400 were injured.


The corpse of Pinay domestic helper who allegedly jump to death due maltreatment arrived in the Philippines

Early this month of October, one Pinay domestic helper died in Abu Dhabi. The Pinay was identified as Mary Jean Alberto. Her family now is seeking justice for what happened to her. The body of Mary Jean Aberto has arrived in Pasay City early this morning by the wooden coffin. Mary Jean's blind mother Flordaliza Balagey is full of sadness to reunited with her daughter in that situation.

Alberto's mother unconvinced that her daughter committed suicide in Abu Dhabi. She is now seeking justice for what happened to her daughter. Flordeliza is now worried about their family because Mary Jean is now gone, the breadwinner of the family. Mary Jean send a message to her son that she needs help in there because she was maltreated by her employer before the incidents happened according to the initial report. The forensic result is still not released.

 Alberto is a single mother of 3 children and she was hired by her employer as a family driver but while waiting for her license Mary Jean was told to do household works. In her passport, she was registered as a domestic helper that surprised Alberto. She sends a text message to her son that said she was overworking and starving by the employer.


Taipei 101 was hailed as one of the most influential tall building in the world

October 30 according to Central News Agency (CNA) Taiwan's icon landmark and tourist spot had been chosen as one of world most influential tall buildings in the past 50 years. The management of Taipei 101 on Wednesday said that the award was given to honor the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat for the sustainable tallest building development that becomes a global icon to the world. According to the statement, it was the first time in 50 years that CTBUH was awarded.

 The President of Financial Corp Angela Chang who is the owner of the building was the one received the award in Chicago. In the ceremony Chang gives a speech and she said that Taipei 101 belonged to Taiwan and it the reflection of Taiwan's spirit rather glass and cement. CTBUH hailed Taiwan 101 as energy efficient luminaires, low-flow water fixtures, custom lighting controls and smart energy management and control system. The building is being a central component in New Year's Eve celebrations for fireworks displays.


Taipei 101 almost zero visibility due to dust storm from China

  Based on News Taiwan, October 30 the alert of "red pollution" has been released because of massive storm pollution from China leave the places to be unhealthy.

 7:00 am this morning the director of Central Weather Bureau (CWB) and Meteorological Research and Development Research Ching Ming-dean shows a map where shows extremely low level of air quality that possibly going to Japan and Taiwan. According to Chen the storm dust from China is beginning to cover the Japan, Korean Peninsula and Taiwan.

 The reports said that the dust storm is now combining the northeast wind that causes the low-level quality of air across Taiwan. Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) said that the dust storm continues moving towards the northern, central and southern Taiwan.

  13 weather station red alert had been an issue in northern Taiwan including New Taipei City, Keelung, Taoyuan City, Taipei City and outside Island in Matsu. While they issued an orange alert in 21 weather station including Taipei City, New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu County, Hsinchu City, Miaoli County, Yunlin County and outer island of Kinmen and Penghu. Tonight the weather will improve because of the rain and wind but it depends how heavy the rain is to lessen the pollution.

  According to EPA on Thursday and Friday, the weather will improve because of the northeast wind. The pollution will disperse in northern, northeastern and eastern parts of islands. But in the inland area of central and northern Taiwan, the pollution will gather on Thursday also the Pingtung and Kaohsiung Counties will be on orange alert.


Gold Star releases statement over shipments incident in Quezon Province

The Goldstar Management release a statement regarding the issue of the delivery truck that was accidentally out of control and felt down in maharlika Highway in Quezon, Province last sunday.

Regarding po sa umiikot na balita  ngayon sa facebook regarding sa naaksidenteng truck ng Gold Star sa Pilipinas.

Regarding about the spreading news in Facebook about the incident, where the delivery truck of Gold Star in the Philippines went through accident.

Nangyari po ang accident nun Oct 27- Sunday, pang 2 days na  byahe  sa Quezon. Last delivery na sana papunta sa Magallanes Lopez, Quezon area na lang ng madulas po sila.  

The accident happen last October 27(Sunday) day 2 of their delivery in part of Quezon Province part. The last delivery which is going to Magallanes Lopez, Quezon area. The road where to slippery thats way the truck felt down in maharlika Highway in Quezon, Province last sunday.

The 2 staff that of the delivery truck is already stable and already discharge in hospital. The Naga branch rescue the 11 box the 3 box is already delivered and the remaining 8 box we will delivered after all saint's day.

Don't worry about boxes, the box are well and secured and properly coordinated the consignee.

Thank you very much we really appreciate your concern to us.

Lumpiang Shanghai, made into a baptismal souvenir, popular with netizens

Viral on social media the lumpiang Shanghai made souvenir in a christening reception. It is often making jokes for Filipinos the lumpiang Shanghai, that has even had different memes on social media. 

So when a netizen shares a "unique" souvenir, tooks so much attention towards to Pilipinos. The picture that shared where very famous to all pilipinos, everyone's favorite a lumpiang shanghai. Even so, many of us Filipinos loves lumpiangs shanghai, and we even had made various memes on social media. So it is no surprise that the viral post of netizen Abby Sombilon, a maker of cakes and cupcakes, used to be used as souvenirs on the some gathering.

Sombilon's Facebook post even reached nearly 10,000 shares. She even said that someone had been texting him if he was making a lumpiang shaghai souvenir. "Hahaha there's alot of people me if i do this lumpiang shanghai souvenir. So i really want to do it" Sombilon said in a comment on his viral post.

A former OFW Engineer in Saudi went back with nothing

Courtesy of Mae Regala

 Romeo Ordaz is working as an OFW for many years in Saudi. He was happy to be back in the country in 2011, after years of working in Middle East. He found out that the house he was building for years has no longer exist.

 Romeo's family left him, he had no idea where are they. So, he decided to live on the street while looking for his parents Arturo and Choncita Ordaz, but he was afraid that his parents might no longer alive. But he still has another relative that could help him in his situation. According to Mae Regala, the one who posted Romeo Ordaz story. They saw tatay Romeo at SM Southmall, according to her the OFW is a former engineer in Saudi Arabia but now he left with nothing and the only option he has is to live on the street since 2011.

 Many netizens felt pity on tatay Romeo Ordaz and they said their hoping that Ordaz story will served a lesson to all OFW that they should save a part of they earned and not just give all the salary to the families back home. So that whatever happens at least they have some money left for them for any situations that might occur in the future.

Magnitude 5.0 earthquake strike again in Mindanao early morning

Tulunan Cotabato- Early morning of Wednesday, October 30 a magnitude 5.0 earthquake has again hits  the town of Tulunan in Cotabato  Province at around 5:22 a.m. according to PHILVOCS.

The earthquake epicentre was recorded at 28 kilometres of East in Talunan, Cotabato and with a depth of 1 kilometre. The intensity was felt in Kidapawan City with 5.0 magnitude earthquake. Yesterday morning the town had been hits of 6.6 magnitude earthquake. Many parts of Mindanao felt the earthquake. And another 4.4 magnitude earthquake was reported at around 6:21 am according to PHILVOCS.

 The agency said that there are no damage caused by the earthquakes early in this morning. 


Delivery truck with Balikbayan boxes from Taiwan accidentally out of control

Quezon Province (October 30, 2019)- A deliver truck was accidentally out of control and plow the barriers along the road causing the truck to fell down along Maharlika Highway in Quezon Province last Sunday.

The delivery truck was carrying several Balikbayan Boxes from Taiwan and to be delivered around Quezon Province. The boxes were mostly from Mega Star.

Taiwan employer should shoulder "Brokers Fee"- MECO

In the annual labor meeting between the Philippines and Taiwan have agreed to discuss some issues regarding the welfare of Overseas Filipino Workers working there.

The agreements discussed are only available to a limited number of subjects.  But the Philippines did not stop until it said and raised concerns about paying Filipino workers a brokers fee while working in Taiwan.

According to Taiwan Ministry of Labor, the two countries have agreed to continue the discussion on the issue of fees being drawn from Filipino workers to protect the interests of employers and employees.

Brokers fee is one of the topics discussed of the two countries.  The Philippines suggests to Taiwan that Taiwan employers should cover the brokerage fee rather than Filipino workers.

Currently, Filipino workers pay the brokers fee monthly and it costs them NTD 1,800 in the first year of employment in Taiwan, NTD 1,700 in the second year and NTD 1,500 in the final year.

Other companies in Taiwan have also eliminated the payment of brokers fees by Filipino employees.

Pinay DH in Hongkong was arrested for alleged involvement in prostitution

Hong Kong (Oct. 29, 2019)- one Filipino domestic worker from Antique is determined by imprisonment until 10 months due to involvement with $ 31.5 million online prostitution ring in Hongkong country.

District Court Judge David Dufton sentenced Jeanette V.G.  a single parent working with his employer at Mid-Levels, after he pleaded guilty to something he received from prostitutes for a long time.

Judge Dufton said in sentencing Jeanette that the size of this operation was too large.  And it spanned more than nine years and reached revenues of $ 31.5 million.

Jeanette anointed employer is the one's own website that offers sex services that include prostitute women who come from other countries such as Venezuela, Italy, Russia, Philippines and other in Hongkong for the short period of time.

Jeanette admitted that she follows the instructions of her employer to answer calls from the clients and calls the agent to set prostitute women to introduce their clients to different hongkong hotels. The numbers of their websites are placed in the three landline of her employer.

She also said that she started on work last May 2009 until the place of her employer was raid by the police    and he was arrested, as well as other domestic helpers.

She also told that when she started to answer the phone she thought was a massage service but that her discretion was a prostitution.

She has been afraid of being held from her work as a domestic helper so she entered a prostitution where he earned $ 1,000 or $ 2,000 a month and $ 162,000 income within the nine years.

Because of this report, the police conducts the undercover operations to attack the alleged prostitution. Four undercover police will contact the prostitution ring and pay $ 5,000 to 7,080 for the service of Prostituted Women from Venezuela and Russia.

When the police raised the polls of the prostitutions saw a ledger which was in place of their transactions.

Jeanette's lawyer, asking for the court to forgive his client for what he did. Just a small role in the case, was to receive a call and forward the messages to the agent. His children and their municipal mayor wrote to judge dufton to seek mercy for Jeanette. Jeanette's lawyer also said in spite of all she did not lack the care and guidance  of his children. Even though it was sentence for 10 months in a prison. It was short just because Jeanette was still in jail for 8 months while his case was still in touch.

Judge Dufton said the police that the bill recorded 37 accounts of the bank had to go through the last nine years to determine the extent of the prostitution's finances. The employer of Jeanette and both assistant, who forced their innocent, will try next year.


Palawan hailed as one of the World's Best Islands

In the report of the Philippine News Agency, one of the listed CNN travels in Philippines Department of Tourism is the area of Palawan. The island of Palawan is one of the 10 World's Beautiful Islands in the Philippines.

Palawan describes as a beautiful pale sand and pure water. A few areas of Palawan also identified as a tourism enterprise zone. This includes Puerto Prinsesa, Coron, El Nido and the development placr of San Vicente.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site describes the most unpredictable hiding place is the Princesa Subterranean River National Park.

Local governments in Palawan have been praised by the Department of Tourism for its continued endorsement of sustainable tourism in the area is working on bringing capacity to the country's longest river.

Except for the palawan, other islands listed on CNN travels are as follows: Milos in Greece, Bartolomé in Ecuador, Fregate in Seychelles, St. Lucia in lower antilles, Jura in Scotland, Komodo Island in Indonesia and Kaua'i in the United States.

Palawan also received 2nd ranked in the 2019 Travel + Leisures World Best Awards.

Dust storm is likely to embrace for 2 days in Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan (October 30, 2019)- A dust storm is forcasted to embrace in the country this Wednesday until Thursday.

Cheng Ming-dean (鄭明典), director of the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) Meteorological Research and Development Center has posted in  Facebook that a huge dust storm covering a vast swath of east China. Cheng warned that based on current weather patterns, the dust storm could descend on Taiwan Wednesday and Thursday.

However, Cheng has assured the public that some portion of the dust will be filtered out by a band of clouds and rain and that the impact should be limited, "so people should not worry too much."

Earthquake magnitude 6.6 in Mindanao killed at least 6 people

Based on the information of the Office of Civil Defense in Region 12, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) said a man identified as Nestor Narciso, 66, was hit by debris in Koronadal City.

Meanwhile, the North Cotabato Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO) said two people Angel Anday, 22, and son Rene Boy Andy, 7, were killed in Arakan, Cotabato

In Magsaysay, Davao del Sur, a 15-year-old boy struck by debris as confirmed by the public information office.

Tulunan vice mayor Maureen Ann Villamor confirmed that a 23-year-old pregnant woman identified as Maricel died while she was fleeing in their house hit by a small piece of wood in Barangay Banayal

Digos Mayor Josef Cagas confirmed that Jeramie Sarno, 36, also died in the earthquake of Digos, Davao del Sur.

The NDRRMC has accounted for 173 people injured in Northern Mindanao and Soccksargen. It also said that 17 infrastructures were damaged in Soccksargen.

Huge land cracked was seen in Maguindanao after magnitude 6.6 earthquake

Just in, After a powerful earthquake that shakes Mindanao this morning 9:04 am, October 29, 2019. Several unaccounted building and houses collapsed, casualties and several injuries were flooding from social media from trusted sources in Mindanao.

In Barangay Bulod, in the municipality of Datu Montawal in Maguindanao. Huge land cracked were seen near the river and passes through some houses in the area.


A student confirmed dead after a powerful magnitude 6.6 struck in Mindanao

Just in, a student from Kasuga National High School of Magsaysay, Davao del Sur was dead after a part from the school building falls down due to powerful earthquake.The victim was identified as Jessie Riel Parba, 15 years old.

A powerful magnitude 6.6 earthquake hit this morning at around 9:04 am with epicenter in Tulunan and Makilala in Cotabato.

Source from: One Mindanao


A powerful magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck again in Mindanao

BREAKING: A powerful 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck again this morning in Mindanao with the epicenter point in Tulunan, Cotabato.

Intensity felt in the following places:

Intensity VII - Tulunan & Makilala, Cotabato; Kidapawan City; Malungon, Sarangani
Intensity VI - Davao City; Koronadal City; Cagayan de Oro City
Intensity V -Tampakan,Surallah and Tupi, South Cotabato; Alabel, Sarangani
Intensity IV - General Santos City; Kalilangan, Bukidnon
Intensity III - Sergio Osmeña Sr., Zamboanga del Norte; Zamboanga City; Dipolog City; Molave,
Zamboanga del Norte; Talakag, Bukidnon
Intensity I- Camiguin, Mambajao

Several buildings were damaged, the authorities are now assessing the situation.


Taiwan to Philippines, they continue to improve the welfare of Filipino migrant workers

Taipei, October 28, as reported by CNA, in an annual labor meeting of Taiwan and Philippines, the two countries negotiated about the welfare of the Filipino workers in Taiwan, only in a limited topic. It is about medical expenses, fishery worker hiring fees, dairy farms, and caregiver training.

The meeting was led in Taipei by Taiwan Ministry of Labor, representatives from the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment and the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO).

According to Taiwan's Ministry of Labor, the two countries agreed of having contact channels in northern, central and southern Taiwan for helping workers in updating and resolving medical expenses incurred by Filipino workers and those who absconded in their workplaces.

From the CNA report, the two countries continue discussing the fees incurred in hiring Filipino fishery and the protection of both employers and employees. The Philippines wants the Taiwanese employers to pay the brokerage fees and not the Filipino worker.

The Ministry of Labor said that the Taiwan government hire migrant workers for dairy farms and talked about if the Filipinos can work in that sector. And Taiwan wants workers to have training in caregivers before arriving in Taiwan. They said that they continue to improve the safety of Filipino migrant workers.

The migrant workers from the Philippines are continually increasing in Taiwan.


Pinay DH in Dubai accused of child abuse

  The Filipina housemaid in Dubai is now facing the accusation of child abuse after allegedly filming the 7-year-old naked boy. The Gulf News reported that the employer saw the 35-year-old housemaid beating the boy without valid reasons. The police find out that the housemaid is keeping a nude video of the 7-year-old boy after her employer brings her to the police station.

   The housemaid admitted that she is filming the boy in the interrogations according to Dubai Prosecution. And she is forcing the boy to say "I Love you" to her. When the police discover the video clip the housemaid was charged for filming pornographic material that leads to child abuse.

  November 5 was the schedule for the next hearing.


Pinay domestic helper accused of theft in a supermarket in Hong Kong

According to Hong Kong news online, a Filipino domestic helper named Rica E. Q. was ordered to pay a fined of $4000 for failing to pay grocery items worth $327 at a supermarket.

West Kowloon Deputy Magistrate Ng Mee-wah said that he found Rica E. Q. guilty of theft on October 4. And also he added that she has one month to raise the money.

Rica said she was shopping 2 times for grocery items at the Fusion supermarket on the ground floor of Discovery Bay Plaza. First, she already paid for her own personal items when she again shopped for the dinner of her employer.

The incident happened at around 2:10 pm on June 18. She took a bag of pork and other grocery items and put them in her own recycled bag together with other items she had bought. She didn't separate the last item that she bought. And then she walked out of the supermarket without paying. But the store employee was seen of what she was doing and then the police arrested her.

She forgot to pay the items because she was thinking of her boyfriend that lost his job. And she had to meet her friend outside, said Rica.

Rica also added that she was work with her employer for 13 years. Her employer helped her by testified that she was trustworthy.

Now there is a criminal record of Rica in Hong Kong, and that's the reason for the Immigration Department to reject her future working visa.


Taiwan Domino's pizza unveil its new pearl milk tea pizza flavor

The Domino's Pizza is now offering pearl milk tea pizza for limited time offer for just the milk tea wave.

The popular milk tea drinks in now in foods. They also serve pearl milk ice cream cone, pearl milk pudding and pearl tea pancakes. After months of developing their new products finally Domino's Pizza launched their "Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea Pizza" and they use soft New York pizza dough for their dessert with toppings of shredded mozzarella cheese, mochi balls and brown sugar tapioca pearls and honey slathered on top.

Their limited edition products will last until November 4 at 155 Domino's stores across Taiwan and their one-time limited offer pizza will cost NT$199 or US$6.50.

UDN reported that when Taiwan's enters late fall and early winter, the sales of the company will be higher for 20% than summer seasons according to their internal data. The Domino's & R&D team will choose the highest quality of cassava starch and natural brown sugar and cook it slowly in a jet black to make tapioca pearls.

Their tapioca pearl is complemented with mochi balls were came from Taiwan's grown local rice and their Soft New York crust. According to the report their pizza is being praised by focus groups by its textures.


The Department of Foreign Affairs warns the Filipinos to postpone their travel to Iraq due to violence

 In Manila, the Department of Foreign Affairs warns all Filipino to postpone their travel to Iraq due to continues violence protest.

  They said that none urgent travel should cancel for Middle Eastern Country for the safety of travellers. The advisory was released last Sunday night by the DFA.

  October 27, 2019, in the Shiite Shrine City of Karbala, south of Iraq's capital Baghdad the Iraqi 's Special Forces intervene in separating the clashing protesters and security forces during the non-government demonstration.

 The DFA said if the flight cannot be postponed, make sure to avoid early in the morning and night arrivals in Barsa, Baghdad and Kurdistan Regions. They are now applying curfews in several cities.

DA Changed its tone, products found with ASF still for further verification?

    The contaminated meat of African Swine Fever is now on processing for testing to see where it comes from weather from home-made or branded said the Bureau of Animal Industry. The source of contaminated meat is on the processing of identifying because one of the passengers in Calapan Port, Occidental Mindoro brought home-made and branded tocino, longganisa and hotdogs last October 6 according to Department of Agriculture Asec. Noel Reyes reported by DZMM. The result of the test will release this week. Reyes said that the Department of Agriculture insisted to name the brand until the result of the test will be released.

  Saturday, Mekeni Food Corp. voluntary recall their all pork products in the market and submit samples to the Bureau of Animal Industry for testing. The incident is calling for the processed meat especially for those home-made pork products to be tested for public safety.

  As of now, the pork products are safe to eat is the PureFoods-Hormel's Pork Products and San Miguel Foods.


Taiwanese National was arrested for rape and illegal drugs.

  GMA News 24 Oras Weekend on Saturday reported that one Taiwanese National was arrested on Malate Manila because of illegal drugs (shabu) and for raping sixteen years old girl.

  The suspect was identified as Wei Tang Yao. He was arrested in his home after the victim called the authorities which is the member of Special Mayor's Team (SMART).
They recover shabu and drug paraphernalia in the operation. The Police Chief Major Rosalino Ibay Jr. of SMART said that the victim was introduced by "Gina" to suspect. Yao admitted that he has a conversation with Gina but he denies the rape accusation to him. The suspect said that she only paid Gina for Php 1,500 but he didn't touch the girl.

    The SMART Team found four sachets of shabu in Yao's Condo. The suspect is now facing the case of rape and also charge for violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act. The victim is now in the custody of SMART's Women's Protection Desk.


Migrants Filipino workers showing their talent in a photo exhibition in Taiwan

Taipei, October 27, 2019, as reported in CNA, there is a free photography exhibition in Taipei illustrating and showing the lives of migrant workers. The talent of overseas Filipino workers was highlighted in this event.

We all know that Filipinos are good at everything, very smart, and they show it wherever they go. Filipinos strongly believe in themselves to do what they want. Filipinos do not give up on the battle of life. This exhibition will be giving you inspiration in life.

The "Turning Point: Taiwan" exhibition was organized by the non-governmental organization One-Forty, which started last 2015 for training and help all the migrant workers giving them skills after finish their work in Taiwan.

The exhibition of the "Turning Point" Taiwan, being held October 24-30 at Taipei's Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. It about photos showing the journeys of migrant workers, featuring images of their hometowns and their working environments.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is from a prize-winning Filipina photographer and former domestic helper, Joan Pabona includes her some 30 works. She was invited to the exhibition to talk and to explain her works.

Joan Pabona was born in the Philippine province of La Union. She was a domestic helper in Singapore in 2008, and then to Hong Kong in 2013.

From the report of CNA, while Pabona still works in Hong Kong, she joined a photo competition and won the second prize at the National Geographic Wheelock Properties Youth Photo Competition 2017. Her photo titled "Sacrifice" the black and white image that shows an aerial view of a worker in hard hat among safety nets used for scaffolding. Showing off a worker that working so hard for the better life of his or her family.

Pabona said that she was inspired to pursue photography when she was shot a woman sitting alone in the dark next to a beam of light, she titled it "Solitude" in 2016 in Hong Kong. She realized that she was lonely and through photography, she wanted to show the emotions and feelings of migrant workers. And now she is a full-time photographer in her province.

Another highlight of the event was Mark Lester Reyes, a Taoyuan Filipino factory worker with his Philippine-inspired clothing. He is graduated from a vocational course in visual arts in high school.

Reyes said, he started to found his new talent when there is an accident at his work in march 2014 that gave him chemical burns on his body and started covering his scars by using make-up. Since then people ask him for tips and advice on make-up fashion shows and events. And started to make a costume in a fashion contest.

Reyes said that quickly he became famous in the Filipino community for his creations used of recycled materials that thrown out by factories.

His gowns represent the Filipinos in Taiwan at celebrations for the 120th anniversary of Philippines independence in 2018 in New Taipei.

Chinese vessel stealing sands from Taiwan territory

Taipei - A Chinese naval vessel was blocked by Taiwan Coast Guard yesterday, Oct.  27 in Lienchiang Country.  These Chinese vessels have been arrested for involvement in illegal offshore activities from the Matsu Islands.

Zhenda No.968 identified the ship involved in the incident.  It was spotted by two Taiwan Coast Guard patrols around 5 a.m.  off the coast of Juguang Township.  The ship's captain worked closely with Coast Guard officials.  And so they took the ship and so far it is on board and in the custody of Fuangang on the Nangan Island.

This incident occurs twice in a week when Chinese marines illegally take sand off the coast of Taiwan.  Last Oct.  25 also caught the same incident from the water near Penghu.  According to reports, those arrested on Friday were 28 people and are currently being detained in incommunicado.

The CNA reported that it is the fourth times happened this 2019 the incident happened this Sunday when the Taiwan Coast Guard caught Chinese navy stealing sand underwater owned by Taiwan Country.  This incident has been an activity due to rising demand in the market where sand is one of the major uses in construction.  However, the report did not say how many Zhenda crew members have been arrested but its cases are already forwarding in the Lienchiang District Prosecuting Office.


Ground handler at Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l Airport fined for damaging aircraft

Human negligence or mechanical failure which led to damage to aircraft, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications said on Friday.

Taiwan Taoyuan international Airport was fined NT$300,000 and evergreen airline services co. Also fined NT$60,000 both for poor management. 

Eight incidents reported this year including three this October alone. An example last October 6 where flight delayed nearly eight hours after the bottom of the aircraft's left engine covering scrapped against passenger gateway.

Other incidents were on refueling caused by fuel supplier,  FedEx ground handler and others were reported as minor. 

Wang said the ministry is planning to introduce a surveillance system to monitor ground operations by the end of this year.


Talbos ng Kamote (camote tops) can help cure dengue

Denge in the Philippines has always been a national concern, especially during the rainy season. Dengue is a viral infection that can drastically reduce the platelets in our blood. Platelets are important because once platelets are reduced, bleeding may occur in the nose and gums. Dengue is transmitted through a bite of dengue-infected Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes.

According to Dr. Farrah MD. on her facebook page, talbos ng kamote (camote tops) is one of the healthiest vegetables around the world, possesses high levels of dietary fiber and nutrients. Rich in calcium, folic acid, zinc, protein, vitamin B6, carotene, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, niacin, thiamin, and riboflavin.

Here's a way on how to use talbos ng kamote to treat dengue fever

1. If you have plants of camote in your garden is much better because you can collect a bundle of fresh camote tops, or you can buy fresh camote tops and wash all the particles attached to the tops.
2. Cut them to make a small piece.
3. In a pot add adequate water and put the camote tops then boil it for 5 minutes.
4. To give a flavor, you can add salt, honey or cinnamon.
5. Remove in a pot and filter the water, let the patient drink it slowly.

Base on Dr. Farrah, drinking camote tops tea will help the body to heal itself by reviving the immune system which makes dengue helpless against the body's natural defenses. For the fast recovery, the patient needs to drink more camote tea for about every 15 minutes.

The disease will go away by itself after a few days or in one week. But you need to drink tea every day and by rest, drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods.

The information is just a supplementary remedy and not intended for fully treat. You may go to the doctor and ask for advice.

Disclaimer: OFW Buddy and its article may contain general information relating to various medical conditions and their treatment. Such information is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitue for advice provided by a doctor or other qualified health care professional. Patients should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing a health or fitness problem or disease. Patienst shoudl always consult with a doctor or other health care professional for medical advice or information about diagnosis and treatment.

LGBT Pride Parade in Taipei reached to 200,000

   October 26, Central News Agency (CNA) reported 200,000 people marched in Taipei including Gay, Lesbian, bisexual and transgender or known as LGBT to call the attention of the public to accept them especially now that same-sex marriage is legal.

  The 17th Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade was started at Taipei City Hall Plaza to Ketagalan Boulevard in front of Presidential Office. It is one of the largest group parades in Asia. They wear flamboyant costumes and waving their rainbow's flag.

  The organizer said that the number of participants as of 5:30 pm is 200,000. Its bigger than few hundreds of people way back in 2013. There are some foreign representatives in the march from offices of Taiwan like United Kingdom, Australia, United States, France, Belgium and Europen Union. CNA said that the theme of this year parade is "Together, Make Taiwan Better" it a message to the public to be open-minded and accept the LGBT community for who they are especially that Taiwan legalized the same-sex marriage according to one of the organizers and Deputy Coordinator of the Marriage Coalition Joyce Teng. Their life becomes easy when same-sex marriage has been legalized. After this happened they're a now the couple can make their partners beneficiaries for insurance and all legal documents can have like a normal couple.

  Taiwan is being praised by many participants because it is the first country legalized same-sex marriage

  May 17, Enforcement Act of Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 748 it allows same-gender 18 years old above to register a marriage. It is passed by Taiwan's Legislative Yuan and makes the country the first to Legalized same-sex marriage that is implemented on May 24. But this law has exceptions, Taiwanese cannot married from other countries under same-sex marriage. There are now
2,155 same-sex marriage in Taiwan according to Ministry of the Interior Statistics. Some of this is a pair of women (1,461) and others are men (694).


Matsu Island in Taiwan recognized as one of the World's top "Smart" Communities

  Taiwan News reported that the Taiwan Lienchiang County known also as "Matsu Island is in the rank of World' top" Smarties Cities" according to by Intelligent Community Forum or ICF in Smart21 Communities for the global ranking 2020.

  This is the first time that Matsu Island has been included in 21Smart Communities. They will now compete for the spot of number seven and they will join Chiayi City that is always in the rank every year since 2017 by ICF.

  CNA reported that Liechiang County created a Smart City Promotion Committee way back May 1, 2018. The committee works actively to implement smart infrastructures Projects. These are the examples of their projects smart campus alert system, online booking services for tourists to government-sponsored tours at well-known places like Qinbe village and blue tears and real-time bus monitoring system.

  Matsu Island is the second offshore place in Taiwan that includes in the rank for the smart community of the 21st century. The Kinmen County made to the list in 2018. There are other cities in Taiwan that make it to the rank by ICF, Tainan which includes from the year 2017 to 2019 and Taoyuan from 2016 to 2019.

   These are the other places that made an appearance in ICF of Smart21 Communities over the last 8 years. New Taipei, Keelung, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Hsinchu, Yilan County, Taitung County, Changhua County.
The Taiwanese Communities shows strong evidence that their country's committed to technology innovation and sustainable development.

 Taipei made it to the list on 2016, Since the ICF started to rate the world top smart communities, only three years that Taiwanese County's does not make it to the list (2007,2008 & 2010).


Pinay DH in Hong Kong sentence to 8 years in prison for selling illegal drugs

 Hong Kong- October 25,  Former Filipino Domestic Helper sentenced by the High court to be in prison for almost 8 years for selling illegal drugs in Yau Ma Tei.

 Josefine M. F. pledge guilty for trafficking of illegal drugs. Cocaine 27.9 grams, ketamine 19 grams and shabu 23.09 grams. The suspect sentenced for 7 years and 10  months imprisonment by Judge S. T. Poon of High Court.

  The sentenced of Josephine was increased by 10 months because of time offence she was an Asylum Seeker. The messenger related to drugs was seen when her WhatsApp retrieved. Josephine was captured on April 28, 2018, inside the flat at Room C, Flat B, 1st Floor, 199 Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei said the prosecutor. At 12:30 pm with the warrant of arrest, the police entered the place and Josephine was captured. The police said that when their conducting a search operation Josephine tries to cover the toiletry bag in her right hand. When she had asked what is inside the bag the suspect don't answer their questions. They open the bag and saw the shabu, ketamine and cocaine.

 The police also saw an electronic weighing scale, flat empty resealable packets and note pad. There is also a purse with $18,540 cash.

 The suspect remains silent as the investigation going on Josephine said that she had a friend Charlotte that's stayed their overnight. In April 29 pledges guilty for illegal drugs trafficking. The suspect's lawyer said that Josephine is a Domestic Helper way back in 2014 but got terminated on 2016. The suspects have 3 children in the Philippines that are still studying.

  Another Filipino was arrested last month in Yua Ma Tei for selling shabu and was sentenced for 5 years.


To avoid anti-government protests in Hong Kong workers need to change day off

Since June 2019, in Hong Kong, there's an anti-government protest on weekends. Many domestic workers complained that they could not go out on their day off on weekends because of the protests.

The protests began when the government pushed an unpopular extradition bill that allowed the extradition of people in Hong Kong to mainland China.

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) said that if the Filipino wants to go out every rest day, they could ask their employers to change their day off on weekday to avoid anti-government protests.

Assistant Labor Attache Antonio Villafuerte said the POLO officials with the associations of employment agencies in Hong Kong discussed how to protect Filipino domestic workers from the protests. He said that workers could ask their employers to change their day off particularly those who do not have young wards who go to school on weekdays. Workers in a week should have one day off so they can still have time to enjoy. He also added that if they have agency, the agency can help to explain to the employer about the change of day off.

Philippine Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III clarified that there's no repatriation or deployment ban for Filipino workers in Hong Kong. He encouraged the public to ignore the fake news on social media that there is repatriation for overseas Filipino workers in Hong Kong due to protests.

According to Bello, the Department of Labor and Employment had no advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) regarding the issue of repatriation. So stop spreading fake news on the internet. Hong Kong is always updated on a date,  time, and place of protests for public awareness.

Despite the protests in Hong Kong no OFW is willing to come home. We all know that OFW wants and needs their job for the goods of their family in the Philippines. Many people in the Philippines are jobless. The salary in Hong Kong is twice the salary in the Philippines and that's the reason why they want their job in Hong Kong.

According to the Immigration Department, despite the protests in Hong Kong, the number of Domestic Helper has increased instead of going down.

52 Prostitutes arrested in Taipei City

TAIPEI - CNA reported today that the Taipie City Police conducted a raid on the sex trafficking operation and it has arrested 52 people including 36 foreign nationals.

Police told a press briefing about their actions during the raid operation.  More than 100 police officers are acting on a tip-off.  They surrounded the entire Kangding Road building in the city of Wanhua District at 6 pm before entering and searching for arrest warrants.

During the raid, 10 Taiwanese suspects were arrested for sex trafficking, including 42 sex workers - 2 from China, 6 from Vietnam, 6 from Taiwan and 28 are from Thailand.

Chief of Investigation Squad Chen Wei-Jen said all the books of accounts of the arrested and other evidences in the area were seized by the Police during that raid operation.  Chen further said that the 10 Taiwanese suspects who had committed the prostitution had been held by the Taipei District Prosecutor's office for an invesigation, and that foreign sex workers have been detained by immigration authorities because of their pending deportation to the  findings of the probe.  6 Taiwanese sex workers are also charged under the Social Order Maintenance Act.

Foreign sex workers caught in Taiwan have come as Tourists and exploited their vulnerability and thus become involved in the sex trafficking ring.  Police said illegal recruiters were recruiting women from overseas to take to Taiwan to work as a massage therapist and position at the beauty parlor but when they arrived in Taiwan they would be admitted to a Prostitution.


A Pinay DH in Hong Kong accused of drug trafficking worth of P2.2 million

Defendant Analyn D. L., a Filipino domestic helper in Hong Kong, was charged with drug trafficking. She testified before a court of First Instance Justice Susana Almada Remedios, that one of her friend Adelaida, ask her for help if she can accept first her package from Benin that contained only cosmetics because Adelaida will be going home to the Philippines, as they talk on the phone on April 28, 2018.

Analyn said that they met her friend Adelaida in a volleyball game. For three months of being a friend, she did not know or ask Adelaida where she was work, her surname, or other personal details before a drug parcel was delivered to her at her employer's home on May 4, 2018. Analyn said she was not knowing that a parcel contained illegal drugs.

A drug parcel from Africa was contained shabu worth of P2.2 million. It contained 495 grams of crystal methamphetamine with an estimated  $330,000.

Analyn trusted Adelaida because they are the same Filipino and become a friend. She had loan money from Adelaida when she was in need of cash. So she agreed of Adelaida's favor for accepting the parcel delivered to her in her employer's home in Yuen Long.

On April 27, 2018, at Hong Kong Airport, Customs Officers had intercepted the suspicious-looking parcel, so they examined it using an x-ray machine. They saw 22 bags of potato starch and dried plants, when they opened it, it contained 16 bags of crystal meth. They undercover and deliver the package to know the story behind it.

Adelaida called Analyn to verify in DHL if the package is in Analyn's name. So Analyn called DHL before the delivery date and told Adelaida it was confirmed that she was the named recipient of the package.

On May 4, DHL delivered the package, while Analyn was signing the documents, she arrested.

Analyn cooperates with the investigator, they took her phone. She called Adelaida two times but the man answered the phone and said Adelaida was not there. She called several times but no longer answered.

The prosecutor claimed Analyn was lying and made a story because Adelaida was a man. From her phone why Analyn ask Adelaida for a picture of her wife. Analyn said they are joking because she saw Adelaida kissing another woman in a toilet.

October 15, Justice Almada Remedios, decided to order a retrial, after discovering a bundle of evidence, include mislabeled phone call records. Analyn said she used her regular phone to call Adelaida but she used WhatsApp. Justice Remedios set the start of new trial Nov. 7 with Judge Amanda Woodcock.

Mayor Isko Moreno led the opening of the biggest free dialysis center in the Philippines

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno is one of the best well-known politics now in the Philippines because many great projects have done and still doing good to the people.

October 24, 2019, during the celebration of the 45th birthday of Mayor Isko, he led the opening of the biggest free dialysis center in the country. The Manila government named the center " Flora V. Valisno de Siojo Dialysis Center". It is named after the founder of the Gat Andres Bonifacio Memorial Medical Center. Valisno is the late grandmother of former Mayor Alfredo Lim.

Lim was very thankful to Mayor Isko. And even told him that he could run for president for the efforts he done in Manila.

Mayor Isko said that naming the hospital to the late grandmother of Lim was made through a local city ordinance, and for honoring the 12 years good service of former Mayor Lim. He also said that the treatment in the center will be free for a lifetime for the heal of the city.

DFA to hold a Job Fair 2019 for all OFW

Manila (October 25, 2019) -The  Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)
will hold a Job fair this Friday and all repatriated OFW from the construction sector in Saudi Arabia are invited to apply.

 The job fair will start from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM in  Apolinario Mabini Hall in DFA Building, Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City.

There will be 16 recruitment agencies who will conduct an initial interview in various positions. Accredited companies from Department of Trade and Industries such as Whiteport Inc., DDT Konstract Inc., EEI Corporation, Meralco Industrial Engineering Services Corporation, Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila Inc., Megawide Construction Corporation, D.M. Wenceslao & Associates Inc., D.M. Consuji Inc., at F.F. Cruz & Company, at POEA-accredited recruitment agencies.

“We continue to extend our hands to those repatriated OFWs, particularly the workers in the construction sector from Saudi Arabia who have been greatly affected by the tragic economic crises that closed down different construction companies in Saudi," said Foreign Affairs Undersecretary for Migrant Workers’ Affairs Sarah Lou Arriola.

Aside from Job fair, there will be a free medical consultation.


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