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1,000 applicants needed in CHPT Taiwan for their R&D headquarter

  The Taiwan-based Chungwa Precision Test Tech. Co., (CHPT) is recruiting 1,000 applicants for their new research and development headquarters.

  The company is officially opened for accepting new applicants that willing to join their team. Their company is one of the major holders of shares in Taiwanese Stock Market and owned by one of giant service provider Taiwan's Telecom.

  The Chunghwa Precision Test Tech. Co., provide the IC testing equipment and also famous for Printing Circuit Boards (PCB), Load Board PCB's, Probe Heads, Vertical Probe Cards (VPC) and many customers in whole world.

 The new office of R&D headquarters in on Taoyuan, Pingzhen District and the manufacturing is at Hsinchu Science Park, Kaohsiung, Tokyo (Japan), Shanghai (China) and Sta Clara (California)


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